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  • Webinar: Life and Safety in condos (Wednesday Feb. 1 @ 5pm)

    Recent tragic events in the condo industry are raising new (and pressing) questions on condos’ ability to ensure the safety and security of their owners, directors and managers. Join us on our February webinar during which we will discuss the mechanisms currently in place and those we ought to imple … Read more »

  • How many motorcycles can be parked in a condo parking?

    In a recent case, the Condo Authority Tribunal had to rule on whether a condo owner could “triple park” three motorcycles in his parking spot. An interesting case with a little bumpy ride. Facts The facts are quite simple.  The owner triple parked three motorcycles in his parking spot. Two letters w … Read more »

  • Are non-compete clauses in management agreements enforceable?

    An interesting case recently had to rule on whether non-compete clauses in management agreements are enforceable. This case dealt with a condo corporation who continued to employ the same manager after they had both left the management firm.  This case contains important lessons when dealing with a … Read more »

  • Silent Night…

    Only a couple of days ago, we had different plans for our Christmas post. It was going to be full of light and cheers and laughter. We were looking forward to it with excitement. But it was not to happen.   Less than a week before Christmas, tragedy struck at the heart of a condo community; […] Read more »

  • Can condo corporations put up “Christmas” decorations on common elements?

    We’re fast approaching that most wonderful time of the year, with cheers of joy and good wishes… for most.  You see, the holiday spirit is not universally shared by all. To help you get into the holiday spirit (should you be so inclined but in no way obligated to), we decided to revisit this 2021 po … Read more »