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  • Non-Molestation Order UK

    Are you looking to get a non-molestation order in the UK? You should speak to a barrister. Get legal advice from a law firm in the United Kingdom. The study of the law requires level-headedness and impartiality. If one mixes emotions, it’s easy for his prejudice to cloud his judgment. But you see, n … Read more »

  • Can you admit a crime to your lawyer?

    Are you wondering if you can admit a crime to the law firm you hire? Let’s say you have been charged with one of the most serious crimes, murder. The police tell you that you have the right to call a lawyer.   Hopefully, you exercise your right to do so. You get on the phone, and the lawyer tells yo … Read more »

  • Why Hong Kong great for contracts between China and Canada?

      Are you looking for help with contracts between China and Canada? Although China and Canada have recently decided to put a halt on the negotiations on the free trade agreement between the two, the China-Canada trade relations remain important. China-Canada trade relations remain important. Up unti … Read more »

  • JD Health International

      Are you looking into JD Health international? This article is a summary of an event that was hosted by JD Health, the Government of Ontario, Global Affairs Canada, and McKinsey and Company. If you are wanting to expand your company into China, and in particular the China health market, reach out t … Read more »

  • Child Support In Florida Calculator

      Are you looking for a child support in Florida calculator? We have an attorney that can help you calculate the amount of child support you need to pay, or should receive, in Florida. What do you do if your former husband moves to Florida and has not paid child support as ordered in Quebec? Regardl … Read more »