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  • Welcome to the A2JBC Website

    The post Welcome to the A2JBC Website appeared first on Access to Justice BC. … Read more »

  • Access to Justice Week is Approaching!

    Mark your calendars – the week of January 24th to January 31st, 2021 has been proclaimed Access to Justice Week in the province of British Columbia! Access to Justice Week is an opportunity to engage with the access to justice movement taking place in British Columbia and beyond. It is a great way t … Read more »

  • Butterfly or caterpillar? It’s time for transformation of the family justice system

    “We have arrived at that point in history where we need to make an intentional choice: do we continue to be the cautious caterpillar, a justice system married to an adversarial process for families, to an ethic of rights and obligations, or do we choose to take a leadership role and be informed by w … Read more »

  • New Legal Webinars Built on Feedback from Users

    On March 16th, amid rising COVID-19 cases and restrictions, People’s Law School temporarily closed its office to in-person services – traditionally an important source of free legal information. But as this storm knocked the world off balance, for People’s Law School and its experimental, evidence-d … Read more »

  • Preserve what matters; innovate where necessary

    The Law Society of British Columbia regulates the legal profession in our province in the public interest. In my brief remarks when I swore in the new president and Benchers of the Law Society in January of this year—pre-pandemic, a long time ago—I ad-libbed (always a dangerous activity for a judge! … Read more »