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  • Private MRI vs. Public MRI – Reimbursement

    We have previously written an article on the topic of whether a private MRI should be funded by an insurer. The article referenced Ieraci v. Gallo, 2016 BCSC 1611 and raises the issue of whether a privately funded MRI ought to be paid as a special damage by the Defendant when a publicly-funded MRI i … Read more »


    When presenting a claim on behalf of your client for past and future income loss, there are a number of matters to focus on and we have enumerated a list of some key questions to consider. This article is based on a recent published trial decision in which the Plaintiff suffered soft tissue injuries … Read more »


    If you have an iPhone, this case may interest you. This recently posted reasons for judgment concerns an application to the Court for an Order to amend an existing Notice of Civil Claim in a  proposed class action pertaining to the battery life of Apple iPhone batteries. The case is referenced as Cr … Read more »

  • CRT – Minor Injury Determination

    Under the Civil Resolution Tribunal, a decision has been published – it is the only one under Minor Injury Determinations.  It is referenced as Naqvi v. ICBC, 2020 BCCRT 995 published on September 4, 2020. I have spoken to many individuals in the last few months that have indicated that they have sp … Read more »

  • Bill 9 – 2020: Evidence Amendment Act, 2020

    For ease of reference,  the amendments to Rule 11-8 of the BC Supreme Court Rules were deemed unconstitutional.  Review our detailed article on this topic Rule-11-8 “Unconstitutional and of no force or effect.” These are updates for ease of reference, which include Bill 9 Evidence Amendment Act, 202 … Read more »