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  • Three Types of Restricted Covenants that are Found in Employment Contracts

    Author: Sarah Nadon – Law StudentEdited By: Ryan CarsonA restrictive covenant is an express term in an employment contract which is set out to protect the employer. Whether it be trade secrets or the company’s employees, restrictive covenants protect against the exploitation from current or past emp … Read more »

  • Independent Contractor vs. Employee

    Author: Stacey Staios – Articling StudentEdited By: Ryan CarsonFor many years, the distinction between an employee and independent contractor has been the centre of debate in the employment law field. The distinction comes from the similarities that both statuses have, yet employers have often chose … Read more »

  • Registered and Unregistered Trademarks

    Author: Sarah Nadon – Law StudentEdited By: Ryan CarsonTrademarks are words, phrases, designs or a combination of all, used to distinguish the goods and services of one business from another. If you are building a brand, it is important to register your trademark to prevent infringement.Registered T … Read more »

  • Condo Purchases and Status Certificate Review

    Author: Warren Gilmore – Law StudentEdited By: Ryan Carson An increasing trend in the real estate market has seen customers gravitate away from the traditional detached single-family residence, towards more affordable condominiums. However, when purchasing a condominium, a unique set concern’s ought … Read more »

  • Amending Your Last Will and Testament

    Author: Warren Gilmore – Law StudentEdited By: Ryan CarsonNo matter how extensive your estate planning may be life often presents us with obstacles that force us to reassess. As such, it is generally recommended that individuals reevaluate their estate plans every 3 to 5 years. For many individuals … Read more »