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  • Documenting the Legality of Bare Knuckle Mixed Martial Arts

    A few years back I started documenting the legality of bare knuckle boxing which was first legalized by a State athletic commission in 2019 and had several other jurisdictions follow suit all with their own unique legal and regulatory framework. Bare knuckle mixed martial arts is now making a simila … Read more »

  • Congratulations Serena DeJesus!

    CombatSportsLaw was proud to once again sponsor up and coming pro MMA Fighter Serena DeJesus! DeJesus headlined this past weekend’s card promoted by Fusion Fight League and secured a victory over her UFC veteran opponent Elizabeth Phillips. Congratulations Serena! Serena is the first professional fe … Read more »

  • New Jersey Releases Reasons for Werdum v. Ferreira “No Decision” Appeal

    Last month Renan Ferreira and Fabricio Werdum were involved in a fight with a controversial ending at a PFL event hosted in Atlantic City. Werdum had Ferreira in a triangle choke. Ferreira possibly tapped but the referee either did not see or did not believe it to be a tap and the bout continued wit … Read more »

  • First Time An Athletic Commission Refused to Licence A Fighter For Too Much “Mileage”?

    Just a quick regulatory blast from the past. I recently finished reading Tris Dixon’s “Damage” (No this is not a sponsored post). I can’t say enough good things about this very sober and very real discussion about an important topic – long term brain trauma in boxing. If interested in my thoughts yo … Read more »

  • Has Joshua Fabia Crossed the Regulatory Line?

    Diego Sanchez’s former manager Joshua Fabia has been creating no shortage of controversy. In one of his latest escapades around the time of the Sanchez relationship breakdown he suggested the Nevada Athletic Commission “comes in and leans on Diego, and he has to throw a f—ng fight. Now, I have them … Read more »