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  • Copyright News and Articles publishes a list of popular and interesting copyright news and articles from the U.S., Canada and around the world. Scroll down to see the latest items. .fca_eoi_form{ margin: auto; } .fca_eoi_form p { width: auto; } #fca_eoi_form_11693 input{ max-width: 9999px; }#fca_eoi_form_1169 … Read more »

  • An In-Depth Guide to Copyright Literacy: Everything You Need To Know

    Copyright literacy is about educating fellow employees and the public about copyright law and raising their awareness of how copyright law affects them. WIPO Magazine’s article Understanding Copyright — A Life Skill, by Lesley Ellen Harris, discusses the importance of copyright and intellectual prop … Read more »

  • Creative Commons Licenses: How to Choose the Best CC License

    Whether you’re sharing a new article or photograph on your personal blog or on your library or organization’s website, you may want to enable others to easily and legally use your copyright-protected work. Creative Commons (CC) licenses may be the solution you’re looking for. Here’s how to choose th … Read more »

  • Tips for Developing a Copyright Policy

    Our tips for developing a copyright policy or guidelines guide you in preparing the best copyright compliance document for your library or organization. For more in-depth information, learn how to draft a copyright policy or guidelines. When Do You Need to Write or Update Your Copyright Policy? A va … Read more »

  • Licensing Digital Content Book

    Licensing Digital Content is a practical guide for librarians and others who license digital content such as databases, periodicals and journals. It and our in-depth online course Licensing Digital Content are complementary resources for anyone seeking to learn more about licensing e-resources in th … Read more »