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  • Certificate in Canadian Copyright Law

    The Certificate in Canadian Copyright Law provides a strong foundation in copyright decision making skills. It’s intended for those new to copyright or those seeking to enhance their current knowledge base. Participants gain a knowledge of copyright principles, with the primary focus on practical sk … Read more »

  • Copyright News and Articles publishes a list of popular and interesting copyright news and articles from the U.S., Canada and around the world. Scroll down to see the latest items. .fca_eoi_form{ margin: auto; } .fca_eoi_form p { width: auto; } #fca_eoi_form_11693 input{ max-width: 9999px; }#fca_eoi_form_1169 … Read more »

  • Legally Using Images in Libraries

    In this article, we address There two perspectives on legally using images in libraries: Use of images by library staff and patronsUnderstanding how copyright pertains to images, educating staff and patrons about this, and creating a copyright culture in your library Are You Legally Using Images in … Read more »

  • Introduction to International Copyright Law

    International copyright law doesn’t exist! Each country has its own domestic copyright laws that apply to its own citizens, and also to the use of foreign content when used in one’s country. It allows creators and content owners around the world and citizens of many countries to enjoy copyright prot … Read more »

  • 8 Steps to Copyright Compliance

    All organizations and businesses need to carefully monitor how they legally use the content of others (third-party content), and how they mitigate their copyright infringement risks. If copyright compliance is a priority in your school or business or organization, see the eight practical steps below … Read more »