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  • Family, Facts, and Finally, Flexibility

    Kitti Toris is a young woman who turned 18 a few days ago. Born in Hungary, she came to Canada in 2016 to live with her sister and brother-in-law, Viktoria and Laszlo Radi.   Kitti is estranged from her mother, and Viktoria and Laszlo Radi are Kitt’s legal guardians, in both Hungary and Canada. Howe … Read more »

  • 2020: The Year That Was, Perspectives and Prospects

    The end of 2020 quickly approaches. This year has been unlike any other. The coronavirus has upended the best-laid plans and brought with it unexpected and unprecedented challenge, upheaval, and suffering to Canadians and those wishing to become them. But the same circumstances have also brought out … Read more »

  • The Canadian Family is Expanding, Mixed-Orientation Unions Deserve a Seat at the Table

    New Canadians immigrate to Canada through a variety of immigration pathways. One of the most popular is conjugal sponsorship. Historically, sexual intimacy has been a key consideration in determining whether a couple is really a couple. But that framework appears to be changing, with dramatic result … Read more »

  • Granting permanent residence to “guardian angel” asylum seekers is the least we can do

    Marcelin François, an asylum seeker who worked part-time as a nurse’s aide, died of coronavirus in the loving arms of his wife this past April. François was one of an estimated 1,000 asylum seekers working in Quebec’s health sector, fighting the coronavirus pandemic on the front lines. Many of them … Read more »

  • Canadian kindness during coronavirus pandemic

    It is easy to get jaded by all the negativity the coronavirus pandemic has caused in our everyday lives, as a result, we forget how in times of crisis there presents an opportunity for human kindness to reveal itself. Canadians are often perceived as being polite, kind, and generous. Many of us take … Read more »