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  • A Cautionary Tale for Avoiding Probate Fees with Joint Tenancy

    Joint tenancy is a common method for avoiding probate fees. However, a recent Ontario Superior Court of Justice decision shows that this strategy can be counterproductive. In Jackson v. Rosenberg, the applicant sought a declaration that the respondent held title to his home in a resulting trust and, … Read more »

  • How Do I Find My Property Line? And Other Boundary Questions, Answered

    Whether you are about to buy your first property or are a long-time homeowner, at some point, you may probably find yourself asking: how do I find my property line? Knowing where your boundary line ends and where your neighbours’ boundary lines begin can be a crucial piece of knowledge in the event … Read more »

  • A Primer on Professional Negligence

    Whether attending at a bank, receiving medical treatment, or obtaining legal advice, the public places significant trust in others in their day-to-day lives to avoid harm. So, what happens when one of these people causes them harm – even if unintentional? This is where the law of negligence comes in … Read more »

  • The Elements of an Ontario Real Estate Contract

    Purchasing a home in Ontario comes with many critical considerations and decisions. When prospective purchasers or sellers decide to proceed with a real estate transaction, they must sign an agreement. However, it is vital for parties to understand what the real estate contract states regarding the … Read more »

  • A Guide to Substitute Decision-Making in Ontario

    There are numerous estate planning tools available to individuals throughout Ontario beyond merely a will. As we discussed in a recent blog post, a power of attorney is just one of the additional tools beyond a traditional will that estate planners should consider. A comprehensive estate plan can in … Read more »