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  • CAM LLP Wins 2021 Top Choice Award for Injury Lawyers

    We are proud to have been chosen Edmonton’s Top Injury Law Firm, following a survey by Top Choice Awards ! This is the eighth consecutive year we’ve been honoured with this recognition, and we want to express a sincere thank you to everyone who submitted a vote in support of our firm. By choice we r … Read more »

  • No-Fault Auto Insurance in Alberta

    Alberta’s advisory committee on insurance reform has recommended that the province change its auto insurance system to a no-fault system.  No-fault auto insurance is common in jurisdictions where government plays a larger role in people’s lives such as British Columbia and Saskatchewan. This system … Read more »

  • 2021 Alberta Minor Injury Cap Announced

    What is the cap for soft tissue injury compensation claims in Alberta? The Superintendent of Insurance, Sherri Wilson has announced the 2020 soft tissue (minor injury) cap amount.  Since 2004, minor soft tissue injuries, including minor sprains and strains, have been limited by the government.  In 2 … Read more »

  • 2021 Top Choice Awards Now Open

    Note: Voting is now closed for the Top Choice Awards. Thank you again for your support of CAM LLP!  CAM LLP is proud to be an Official 2021 Top Choice Award Nominee for the Top Injury Law Firm of 2021 in Edmonton. This is the eighth year in a row we’ve been recognized with this honour. Thank you! Vo … Read more »

  • Four Steps to Coping with Emotional Trauma after a Car Accident

    No one thinks twice about treating physical injuries that result from a car accident. First responders arrive at the accident scene immediately to assess and address any physical damage. If you have whiplash, you’ll likely visit a doctor or chiropractor multiple times until your pain becomes managea … Read more »