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  • The Importance Of Contracts In Construction

    When entering into business with someone for a construction project, or for that matter, any type of service, it’s important to make sure that all of the parties involved know what their responsibilities and obligations are. Having a verbal agreement might seem ok to people who don’t regularly deal … Read more »

  • Homeowner Must Plan To Move Home In Order For Insurance To Be Valid

    For people who purchase home, life, or auto insurance, they likely do so in order to feel secure in the event that something happens to their person or property. And while many insurance claims are resolved with little conflict, there can be occasions when a dispute over whether someone has coverage … Read more »

  • Mother’s Child Care Costs Are Questioned By Father

    In most instances, when people refer to child support, they do so in reference to a monthly amount of money one parent pays to the other for child-related expenses such as food, lodging, etc. However, some expenses are not covered by child support. These include post-secondary education, sports, and … Read more »

  • Can A Court Rule On Fitness To Parent When It’s Not An Issue Before The Court?

    In some situations involving litigation in family court, there may be questions raised about the fitness of one of the parents to act as a parent to the child or children of the parties involved in litigation. These questions can come up when the parents are working to determine what an appropriate … Read more »

  • Parents At An Impasse After Mother Seeks To Move With Child

    It’s natural that divorced and separated parents are not going to necessarily agree on all aspects of how they should raise their child or their children. In most cases, separation agreements or orders following a divorce will outline which parent is responsible for decision-making, or what the proc … Read more »