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  • Frustration, Force Majeure and Contracts During the COVID-19 Pandemic

    Authors: Curtis Marble and Mihai Beschea Contracts are the foundation of business transactions. If one party to a contract refuses to meet their obligations, the other party can seek recourse and relief through the justice system. However, there are mechanisms to alleviate unduly harsh agreements. S … Read more »

  • Can Employers Require COVID-19 Vaccinations?

    Author: Fiona Balaton Under s.38 of Alberta’s Public Health Act, the government has the power to order “the immunization or re-immunization of persons when there is a public health emergency or epidemic”. To date, this power has never been used, and while the current COVID-19 pandemic meets the crit … Read more »

  • Michael Waite, Q.C. joins Chris Rokosh on Inside Medical Malpractice

    Carbert Waite’s Michael Waite, Q.C. recently joined Chris Rokosh, President of Connect Medical Legal Experts Inc. on her podcast, Inside Medical Malpractice. Michael gave listeners an insight into the perspective of a hospital defence lawyer, answered questions about the medical malpractice process, … Read more »

  • Alberta’s Mental Health Amendment Act (Bill 17)

    Author: Fiona Balaton On July 17, 2019 the Alberta Court of Queen’s Bench ruled in JH v Alberta Health Services, 2019 ABQB 540 that several provisions in the Mental Health Act, specifically those pertaining to involuntary detention, were unconstitutional. The court gave the Alberta legislature twelv … Read more »

  • With Prejudice” vs. “Without Prejudice”

    Authors: Anita Nowinka & Mihai Beschea In attempts to resolve a dispute, parties will often exchange settlement offers labeled “without prejudice.” Sometimes, they are labeled “with prejudice.” These terms are often taken for granted, however they have important legal meanings. Settlement Privilege … Read more »