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  • TRADEMARKS: The Perspective of the Average Consumer

    In a court of law, a judge must often assess a person’s act or omission against a certain legal standard of human conduct to determine whether that person’s behaviour was harmful or unlawful. The Reasonable Person In general, the legal standard is what a reasonable person would have done under the s … Read more »

  • Who’s liable for a dog attack?

    Dog owners have a hard time imagining their pet injuring someone. However, it can happen, and it’s important to know that the law places a certain responsibility on dog owners to prevent this harm. As a result, if your dog does injure someone, then you could be required to compensate that person for … Read more »

  • Cannabis Trademarks on the Rise

    The recent United States elections added four more states to the list of US jurisdictions where cannabis has been legalized for recreational or medical use: New Jersey, Arizona, Montana and South Dakota. The first to do so was Colorado in 2012 and since then 19 others have made similar moves. It is … Read more »

  • Manitoba Required to Expand their Definition of Parent

    On November 9th, the Manitoba Court of Queen’s Bench declared that the current definition of “parent” and related provisions in Manitoba’s Family Maintenance Act[1]violate the equality rights guaranteed under the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms.[2]This declaration is the result of public int … Read more »

  • Cellphones and distracted driving: “Keep your hands where I can see them”

    Distracted driving charges and related accidents have been on the rise with the progression of technology in recent years. Most cellphones or GPS devices have some sort of “hands-free” navigation feature. These features are usually intended to allow a driver to find maps or directions without being … Read more »