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  • 6 Tips For Communicating With Your Ex-Partner

    We all wish to be married or have a common-law spouse forever during our lifetime, but unfortunately that love can be lost or life may happen which sometimes results in separation or divorce. When you separate or divorce, communication with your ex-partner can be difficult and hard on one’s mental h … Read more »

  • Court Orders Child Support for an Almost 26 Year Old

    The Nova Scotia Supreme Court (Family Division) has recently ordered two divorced parents to split the cost of their almost 26 year old daughter’s dental hygiene degree in a decision where the mother worked three jobs to help her daughter through school and the father, who is the proud owner of a ne … Read more »

  • Who Owns the IP? Is it the Employer or the Employee?

    Intellectual Property (IP) ownership rules determine whether an Employer or an Employee holds rights to the creation at hand. Although IP covers a broad range of federal laws and statutory rights, the three most relevant to Employers in Canada are Patents, Copyright and Trademarks. Disputes between … Read more »

  • Trademark Usage: Simple Rules of the Road

    Marketing Appeal versus The Law The display of trademarks causes a tension between legal requirements and marketing priorities. It often requires a delicate balancing of trademark notices and visual appearance considerations. Although there are no requirements at common law or under the Trademarks A … Read more »

  • TRADEMARKS: The Perspective of the Average Consumer

    In a court of law, a judge must often assess a person’s act or omission against a certain legal standard of human conduct to determine whether that person’s behaviour was harmful or unlawful. The Reasonable Person In general, the legal standard is what a reasonable person would have done under the s … Read more »