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  • The Power of Small Things

    Authored by Ruth Roberts I am constantly amazed by the incredible power of small things. How a kind word can heal a heart; how a smile can defuse an argument. And how a nickel can speak volumes about integrity and honesty. … Read more »

  • How Long Will My Criminal Case Take?

    Authored by Ruth Roberts When someone is charged with a criminal offence, one of the first things they want to know is: When will this be over? The answer to that question is complicated, and depends on a number of factors. But the short (and probably unwelcome) answer is: not for some time. … Read more »

  • Kumra v. Stagliano: A step in right direction

    Author: Kris Bonn (October 13, 2022, 11:58 AM EDT) — Anyone involved in the civil justice system in Ontario understands delay, with most cases taking many years to resolve. I was called to the bar in 2002 and in my 20 years of practising litigation, I’ve found that getting a case to trial usually t … Read more »

  • What Rights Do I Have If I Am Arrested?

    By: Ruth Roberts

    If you have the misfortune to be arrested, you are protected under a constellation of sections of The Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms.

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  • Applying for Insurance? Ask Questions and Take your Time

    Author: Kris Bonn We live in a society where insurance is ubiquitous, we must have insurance if we drive a car, if we own a home, we almost always have home insurance, we buy life insurance and long-term disability insurance to protect our families and, if we travel, we buy travel insurance. We buy … Read more »