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  • Dog Bite Injury Claims in BC

    Dog Bite: The Law in British Columbia: Establishing Liability If you have been injured in a dog bite incident in British Columbia you have three legal avenues to pursue to establish liability against a dog owner: 1) scienter doctrine 2) negligence 3) or the Occupiers Liability Act. Scienter Doctrine … Read more »

  • What is Occupiers’ Liability in BC?

    What is Occupiers’ Liability? This area of law involves those who have suffered injuries due to unsafe property conditions. In British Columbia the Occupiers Liability Act (“OLA”) details the legal obligations that occupiers owe to persons visiting their premises. Who is an Occupier under the OLA? S … Read more »

  • In a Post-Pandemic Era, is Coughing on Someone an Assault?

    Does coughing on a person constitute an assault under the Criminal Code? Alberta’s provincial court has ruled that it does in R. v. Pruden, 2021 ABPC 266. Mr. Pruden was found guilty in relation to an incident that occurred inside a local Calgary pub in November 2020. At the time of the incident, Mr … Read more »

  • Residential Tenancies: Wrongfully Evicted by a BC Landlord?

    Eviction Notices: Landlord’s Use Did your former landlord end your tenancy so that your unit could be occupied by the landlord or the landlord’s close family member, but fail to use the unit for this purpose?  If so, your landlord may owe you 12 months of your previous rent as compensation. Who is a … Read more »

  • Top 5 Things To Know When Buying a Business in BC

    Buying a business is an exciting time and you want to ensure you take the right steps to make the process as smooth as possible. Before purchasing a company, consider the following: Know what you are buying: will it be the shares of the company or the assets. It is important to understand what struc … Read more »