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  • Your Guide to Contesting A Will in BC (British Columbia)

    Contesting a will can be a complex and emotional legal process. Wills serve as crucial documents to delineate the distribution of assets after a person’s death, ensuring their final wishes are honored. While the courts of British Columbia will strive to follow the instructions left by a person in th … Read more »

  • Child Custody and Visitation Rights in British Columbia

    Family law matters are touchy subjects, and that becomes more difficult when children are involved. When discussing issues like child custody and visitation rights, the well-being of the children should always be the utmost concern. Our legal system In British Columbia is designed to prioritize the … Read more »

  • Drafting a Comprehensive Separation Agreement

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  • How Long Does Spousal Support Last?

    Spousal support, also known as alimony or maintenance, is a critical aspect of family law in British Columbia. It is intended to assist a financially disadvantaged spouse in maintaining a similar standard of living post-separation or divorce. The duration of spousal support is a complex matter and c … Read more »

  • The Ahluwalia Decision: Shining Light on Family Violence as a Tort

    Ahluwalia v. Ahluwalia, 2023 ONCA 476 shed light on the intricate intersection between family dynamics and tort law. This landmark ruling has set a precedent, recognizing family violence as a tort, thus providing victims with legal remedies and opening a path for justice. Understanding Ahluwalia v. … Read more »