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This blog is a public legal education project and the companion blog to the website It offers a plain-language discussion of current family law issues and news, from the legal background to the polygamy reference to sex and new relationships after separation.

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  • Can collaborative lawyers be found negligent for not setting a trial date?

     Can Collaborative Lawyers be Found Negligent For Not Setting A Trial Date? by Rena Chen and Jennifer Lin In the recent decision Banh v Chrysler, 2022 BCCA 74 (“Banh v Chrysler”), the Court of Appeal overturned the trial judge’s finding that it would be significantly unfair to divide property equall … Read more »

  • Proposed amendments to the Family Law Act (FLA)

     Proposed amendments to the Family Law Act (FLA)Will clarify the law around pets, property and pensions to better meet the modern-day needs of separating couples.Starting now, lawyers may wish to advise their clients on the ways that proposed FLA amendments in Bill 17-2023 (Family Law Act Amendment, … Read more »

  • The 2023 Federal Budget means changes to RESP rules for separated/divorced couples.

     The 2023 Federal Budget means changes to RESP rules for separated/divorced couples.By Jennie Weeks Divorced or separated parents can now open a joint RESP. But is this a good idea? At present, only spouses or common-law partners can open a joint RESP. Parents who opened a joint RESP before their di … Read more »

  • Family Law Tax Matters Toolkit for Clients & Lawyers

     Family Law Tax Matters Toolkit for Clients & Lawyersby AnonymousIn Collaboration with Justice Canada, the Canada Revenue Agency and Finance Canada, the Canadian Bar Association has updated their popular Tax Matters Toolkits. These documents are useful for clients going through separation and divorc … Read more »

  •  Tax Tips for Separated Familiesby Jennie WeeksDid you know that when you receive spousal support, it creates RRSP contribution room!Yes, it’s true. It’s considered ‘earned income’ and is taxable in the hands of the spouse who receives the spousal support and tax-deductible to the spouse who pays th … Read more »