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This blog is a public legal education project and the companion blog to the website It offers a plain-language discussion of current family law issues and news, from the legal background to the polygamy reference to sex and new relationships after separation.

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  • Single Mom with Teenagers

     Single Mom with Teenagers – Advice on How to Avoid Becoming One and Tips if You Are!By Renee leNobelThere have been memes regarding teenagers before the word “meme” existed. The one that I recall seeing on little plaques in bookstores and novelty shops: “Teenage grandkids are every grandparent’s se … Read more »

  • Beginnings and Endings

     by Tracy TheemesNo one really wants to be left alone, rejected or abandoned. And yet there is a certain inevitability of this happening to us. First of all, the reality is that all partnerships end. Whether through the dissolution of a relationship or death, our relationships are terminal. This rea … Read more »

  • Tips and Pet Peeves in Collaborative Practice by Sonali Sharma (inspired by Collaborative Divorce Dinner Meeting presentation by Jon Lazar, Collaborative Divorce Lawyer)A successful collaborative file requires commitment and trust. Commitment to the process (staying out of court) and trust (between … Read more »

  • Assessing & Responding to Substance Use in Collaborative Practice

    By Kelsey Antifaeff, Registered Clinical Social Worker & Registered Clinical Counsellor  2022 is upon us and many committed to “Dry January”, which is an emerging tradition of taking a month-long break from alcohol in an effort to hit the reset button.  New Years resolutions are another popular aven … Read more »

  • Prepare, not predict

    By Tracy Theemes, Financial Advisor, Financial Planner People have strong feelings in one direction or the other about cohabitation, marriage and relationship agreements (sometimes referred to as prenuptial agreements). I appreciate both points of view. I hear the contention that it is “preparing fo … Read more »