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  • New measures for excessive speeding and distracted driving

    BC’s Minister of Public Safety is looking at potential new measures for excessive speeding and distracted driving. Mike Farnworth wrote about introducing new measures to tackle two of the biggest causes of crashes on BC’s roads in an editorial released at the turn of the year. According to the state … Read more »

  • BC traffic ticket lawyer

    If you plan to fight a traffic ticket, you need to give it your best shot. Hiring a BC traffic ticket lawyer gives you peace of mind. So when deciding whether or not to get legal help, first you must decide how badly you want to win. Having a BC traffic ticket lawyer has a major impact on any case i … Read more »

  • Your driving record can come back to haunt you

    A question we get a lot is: how long will a traffic ticket stay on my driving record? The answer is simple: forever. Every Motor Vehicle Act infraction or Criminal Code driving offence you get is kept on a database next to your name, for life. If you got a ticket, it can come back to haunt you years … Read more »

  • How many points does it take to lose your licence in BC?

    There are many reasons why your driver’s licence can be taken away from you. One potential way is if you incur too many driver penalty points from traffic tickets such as speeding or impaired driving. But how many points does it take to lose your licence in BC? While the number might be differ from … Read more »

  • Why you should always request calibration checks in speeding cases

    When mounting a defence against a speeding ticket in traffic court, it is essential the accused obtains all of the evidence against them. This includes calibration checks of the device used in the investigation. Ostensibly, speeding is black or white. You either exceeded the limit or you didn’t. In … Read more »