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  • Navigating the Future of AI Law: Understanding the EU AI Act and AIDA

    On Thursday, June 20, 2024, McCarthy Tétrault LLP hosted a webinar titled “Navigating the Future of AI Law: Understanding the EU AI Act and AIDA.” The event was attended virtually by over 900 participants, including many of our clients. The discussion was centered around the implications of emerging … Read more »

  • ISED has now published the submissions to the consultation on generative AI and copyright. The consultation focused on the impacts of recent developments in generative AI on the creative industries and considered whether changes are necessary to appropriately balance copyright and technological deve … Read more »

  • Year(s) in review – IT, Internet, AI, IP, Privacy & Blockchain

    I had the pleasure of presenting the annual Year in Review of IT/Internet law to the Toronto Computer Lawyers Group on June 6, 2024. It was great to see a packed-in person event of IT lawyers after COVID. This year the presentation featured over 75 cases from many countries including Canada, the U.S … Read more »

  • Construction of exclusion clauses under Sale of Goods laws: Earthco v Pine Valley

    The Supreme Court of Canada released an important decision in Earthco Soil Mixtures Inc. v. Pine Valley Enterprises Inc., 2024 SCC 20 on the construction of exclusion clauses in contracts. Specifically, the appeal concerned a contracting party’s ability to contract out of the statutorily implied con … Read more »

  • ALAI Canada Annual copyright review 2023-2024

    Copyright lawyers always want to keep up with developments in copyright law. Earlier this week I gave my annual copyright update to copyright lawyers at an ALAI Canada meeting. A copy of my presentation can be accessed below. The cases I canvassed are listed below. The focus of my talk was on copyri … Read more »