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  • Legal Assistant (Vancouver-Downtown)

    We are looking for a legal assistant to provide support to two lawyers, practicing in the areas of corporate / commercial, real estate, estate planning and intellectual property matters in our unique and varied law practice, assisting clients in Canada, from across North America, and from a wide ran … Read more »

  • Estate Planning – A Primer (British Columbia)

    The uncertainty and disruption created by COVID-19, the prevailing unpredictable and uncertain political environment, and a wavering economy, not to mention potential additional levels and rates of taxation, naturally encourage people to think about their own personal affairs and estate planning req … Read more »

  • Unfulfilled Contractual Obligations and COVID19

    COVID-19’s impact on the fulfillment of contractual terms and a person’s rights and responsibilities under that contract, is a common question and concern these days. COVID’s impact on the economy, supply chain, social interaction, and society generally has caused many businesses and individuals to … Read more »

  • British Columbia Introduces Benefit Companies Under the British Columbia Business Corporations Act

    Effective June 30, 2020, a new type of British Columbia company, a “benefit company”, was introduced under the British Columbia Business Corporations Act.  While popular in the U.S., British Columbia is the first jurisdiction in Canada to introduce benefit corporations. What is a benefit company? A … Read more »

  • Barbeau Evans LLP – COVID-19 Update

       Introduction The lawyers and staff of Barbeau Evans LLP are continuing to operate remotely, primarily from home, as we do our part to stop the spread of the COVID-19 virus. While our offices are operating on this basis, we will be responding to your phone calls and e-mail messages as we always ha … Read more »