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  • Hot Homemade Pie

    If I were to offer you the choice between a slice of hot homemade pie or a pre-packaged and microwaved piece purchased at the local gas station, I am fairly confident you would choose the homemade pie. Without even asking a lot of questions, you would select the locally made […] The post Hot Homemad … Read more »

  • A Local Licensed Insolvency Trustee

    One thing that we are very proud of here at LCTaylor is that every single one of our Bankruptcy and Consumer Proposal files are administered entirely from our office right here in downtown Winnipeg.  In fact, it couldn’t be done any other way, because this is the only office in […] The post A Local … Read more »

  • Winnipeg Proud

    Covid–19 has definitely created some challenges; there have however been some positives that have emerged. The forced time at home has allowed families to spend more time together, encouraged us to enjoy the outdoors, and really appreciate our local small businesses. On the other hand, the forced is … Read more »

  • Get Trusted Advice in the Debt Rescue Kit Today

    Covid-19 has impacted Manitobans greatly. We have all been worried about our health, our safety and our finances. With the vaccines slowly rolling out across our province, our physical health is starting to be looked after, but what about our financial health? Licensed Insolvency Trustees are expert … Read more »

  • Learning About Debt in the Prairies

    In 2000 Scott Marshall, managing partner in Allan Marshall & Associates, interned with the Licensed Insolvency Trustee firm LCTaylor. In this interview, Jillian Taylor-Mancusi, asks Scott about how the time he spent with the firm shaped his career.  Jillian: How did your early experiences working in … Read more »