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  • New Considerations When Drafting Termination Clauses

    Termination clauses in Ontario employment contracts are crucial in defining the conditions under which an employment relationship can end. Although aiming to provide clarity, these clauses are also fraught with difficulties. The law surrounding termination clauses has undergone another change in a r … Read more »

  • Everything You Need to Know About Business Licenses in Ontario

    Whether you are a long-term business owner or planning to launch a startup, understanding business licenses and how they work in Ontario is critical for staying on top of your business’s obligations. The requirements for obtaining business licenses in Ontario can vary depending on the type of licens … Read more »

  • Why Testamentary Capacity Matters for Will-Makers

    The importance of estate planning cannot be overstated. Preparing a will and other estate planning documents is the single best way to ensure that your assets are distributed following your wishes after you are gone. Unfortunately, far too many Ontarians wait too long to prepare their estate plannin … Read more »

  • A Primer on Hotel Franchising in Ontario

    Hotel franchising allows new and experienced entrepreneurs and hoteliers to jump into a competitive market. The demand for quality accommodations is rising as the province continues to attract a diverse range of travellers, from business professionals to adventure seekers. This is particularly true … Read more »

  • Ontario Business Succession Planning Essentials

    Succession planning is a crucial aspect of any business owner’s life. As entrepreneurs forge ahead, planning for a seamless transition of their enterprise to the next generation or a chosen successor is vital to ensuring the business’s longevity. Business succession planning is not merely a continge … Read more »