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  • Condo Buyer Loses Deposit In Dispute Over Purchase Agreement 

    The case of Chen v. Brookfield Residential (Ontario) Limited illustrates how changing market conditions and unpredictable construction schedules can affect condominium developments, both for the purchaser and for the builder.  In Chen, the Ontario Court of Appeal upheld a decision from the Superior … Read more »

  • Buyer Successfully Rescinds Franchise Agreement

    When buying or selling an existing business, it is essential to ensure the potential buyer is aware of all information relevant to the sale. Sellers must also be mindful of additional requirements set out in industry-specific legislation. This blog discusses a recent case where the seller of a franc … Read more »

  • Lease Interpretation Leads to Successful Appeals

    The Ontario Court of Appeal recently decided the matter of 402 Mulock Investments Inc. v. Wheelhouse Coatings Inc.. The issue in this case arose from a dispute between a commercial landlord and tenant regarding the meaning of the provisions relating to unpaid rent and payment of repairs in their Lea … Read more »

  • Discretionary Bonuses Must Be Fair and Reasonable

    When an employee’s employer is bought out by another company, the employee may either lose their job, or alternatively, arrangements may be made to retain the employee in an acquisition. When an employee is retained, it is crucial to ensure that the employee and the new employer are on the same page … Read more »

  • Can an Employee Claim Damages if They are Fired and Rehired by the Same Employer

    If an employee is terminated and later rehired in a different capacity by the same employer, have they really been terminated? Is the employee entitled to claim damages through an action commenced for wrongful dismissal or constructive dismissal? This article will set out basic principles of wrongfu … Read more »