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  • Termination: Employer Duties and Employee Rights

    Employees have certain legal rights when it comes to their employment relationship. The availability of these rights may exist either at common law or they may be provided for in an employment contract between the employee and the employer. This blog post will focus on providing a high-level review … Read more »

  • Statutory Limitations and Special Considerations When Making a Will

    It is easy to postpone estate planning for far too long, but November beckons us to prioritize a crucial aspect of our future. It can be overwhelming, intimidating and time-consuming, however, drafting a will is an important task every person should complete sooner rather than later. This blog aims … Read more »

  • Riparian Rights and the Real Property Limitations Act

    Properties come in all shapes and sizes, and some even have unique legal rights. Properties with access to water possess “riparian rights,” which provide for the owners’ exclusive use of water and shoreline. This blog post will explore the concept of riparian rights in Ontario in light of a recent d … Read more »

  • The Importance of Interpretation: Trustee Powers and Beneficiaries’ Interests

    A common theme highlighted throughout our previous estate planning blog posts is the importance of defining an estate trustee’s responsibilities and powers. Well-drafted wills can prevent costly litigation, and even where litigation is necessary, a properly prepared will can assist the court in its … Read more »

  • Is a Trust Right for You?

    Trustees are often at the center of an individual’s succession planning. Trustees also have the responsibility of managing and distributing assets of the estate. In Ontario, establishing a trust is a way in which individuals and families can be provided with a sense of security and peace of mind in … Read more »