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  • Venture Capital Funding in Canada

    As the number of new companies created in Canada continues to grow, so does the need for capital to fund them. This is where venture capital comes in. Venture capitalists provide funding for start-ups and early-stage businesses that are developing their products or services before they’re ready for … Read more »

  • Hopeful Entrants to Cannabis Industry Can Turn to Farmgate

    In 2021, Ontario became the first province in Canada to permit farmgate cannabis retail, giving business owners and hopeful entrepreneurs a different option for entering the cannabis sector. This article provides an overview of what interested business owners should know about farmgate cannabis reta … Read more »

  • Crypto Lender Files for Bankruptcy Amid Class Action

    A class action has been commenced in the Ontario Superior Court of Justice against a cryptocurrency lender, Voyager Digital Ltd. The proposed class action alleges that Voyager Digital made misrepresentations to investors regarding a loan to a third party and its due diligence measures in relation to … Read more »

  • Mortgage Pre-Approval a Good Idea Before Signing

    Purchasing a home in Canada is no small feat. With the high cost of owning a home, some people may not qualify for a mortgage. It’s essential to determine this before signing an Agreement of Purchase and Sale to avoid any unintended consequences or real estate disputes that may stem from a failure t … Read more »

  • Understanding Your Cryptocurrency Tax Obligations in Canada

    Cryptocurrencies have been on the rise in popularity. Cryptocurrencies are digital currencies that make use of blockchain technology to allow for fast and anonymous payments online. Blockchain technology is a decentralized archive in which transactions are made public for all users to see. This allo … Read more »