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  • Option Agreement – Ask a Lawyer Series

    Option Agreement – Introduction A scriptwriter contacted us, asking what legal issues to be aware of when selling her completed scripts to film producers. Typically, a scriptwriter (let’s call her the “creator”) would enter into an option agreement with a producer interested in producing the film—un … Read more »

  • “Shown In Canada”: CAVCO Reinterpretation

    “Shown In Canada”: CAVCO Reinterpretation – Introduction Shown In Canada: CAVCO Reinterpretation – The Canadian Film or Video Production Tax Credit (“CPTC”) is available for productions that are shown exclusively through eligible online video services. Prior to March 6, 2017 such productions were co … Read more »

  • Bell Fund: Short-Form Digital Series (Fiction and Non-Fiction) Program

    Bell Fund – Introduction Next in our ongoing series highlighting funding opportunities for digital creators we’re going to take a look at the Bell Fund.     What is the Bell Fund? The “The Bell Fund”, is a CRTC certified independent production fund that provides funding for cross-platform digital me … Read more »

  • How To Pitch to a Broadcaster

    How to Pitch to a Broadcaster: Introduction How to Pitch to a Broadcaster? We know this can be nerve-wracking, especially if you don’t know which steps to take. New things can be scary but learning about the subject is the first step in the direction of becoming comfortable with any new venture. Rea … Read more »

  • Quitclaims – A Creative Legal Tool

    Introduction to Quitclaims Quitclaims are legal tools used by producers and creators to ensure that someone or something has given up certain rights in a property. For example, say you are a producer and a great script lands on your desk (or inbox). The creator tells you that it was previously devel … Read more »