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  • When Writing Kills: Red Flags in Publishing Agreements – Part 1

    The Publishing Agreement Offer Another late night of writing. Your alarm goes off, you stumble out of bed to grab a cup of coffee, then sit down at your computer. Another day of editing your manuscript… Hold on! You have a new email, and it’s from a publishing company. It looks like an offer! All th … Read more »

  • Investing in Music Companies – Music Festivals

    Music festivals are one type of business that investors may want to consider. Unlike investing in artists or record labels, a music festival can be more attractive: its financial success may be more predictable, and less dependent on public reaction to new music or emerging artists. However, the dec … Read more »

  • Music Booking Agency Agreement Considerations

    It takes a village to raise a … musician? Well, perhaps not, but finding and sustaining success in the music industry takes a lot of work from a lot of people. Some musicians have a manager, label, publisher, investor, publicist, social media coordinator, side artist(s), producer, co-writer(s), engi … Read more »

  • Guild Members and Producer Signatories: Writers Guild of Canada

    Signatory Producer and Writer Status The Writers Guild of Canada (the “WGC”) represents English-language writers working in film, television, broadcast, and digital media production in Canada. The WGC’s primary collective bargaining agreement is the Writers Guild of Canada Independent Production Agr … Read more »

  • Song Parodies and Copyright Law: Criticism is … Critical (and other truisms)

    Song Parodies – Introduction Have you ever thought to yourself, “Hey, I’ve got a fantastic idea for a parody song”? If so, your next thought might have been, “do I actually though?”  Creating new lyrics to an already-famous song might be funny; certainly, laying different, incongruent lyrics over a … Read more »