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  • Parents Try To Present Secret Recordings In Court

    When parents are going through a divorce or separation, there can be significant negative feelings that they have towards each other, and they may be quite critical of how the other parents or behaves in the presence of their children. Mobile phone technology is such that most people walk around wit … Read more »

  • Sufficient Evidence Is Needed To Order Sale Of Matrimonial Home

    One of the more difficult decisions a couple has to make when going through a separation or divorce is usually what happens to the matrimonial home. In some cases, parents may decide to enter into cohabitation agreements, which would see them share possession of the matrimonial home. However, in man … Read more »

  • Charity Is Awarded Over $1 Million After Will Is Upheld

    One of the best reasons to make sure you have a valid and current will is that it is the best way to ensure that your estate is divided up in a way that you wish following your death. Throughout your life, there may be a number of times when updating your will is necessary. For example, you may want … Read more »

  • Beginning Of School Year Brings Issues Around Choice Of Schools

    As the end of summer approaches the beginning of the school year is on the minds of many. Even without the stresses associated with COVID-19, the start of the school year can bring additional issues to light for separated or divorced parents. In a recent decision from the Ontario Superior Court of J … Read more »

  • Loss Of Employment Does Not Always Lead To A Reduction In Support

    Although child support or spousal support payment amounts are often established soon after a separation or divorce, those amounts aren’t necessarily set in stone. If there is a “material change in circumstances,” the support payor or payee can apply to have support amounts changed. These changes can … Read more »