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  • How Does the Clean Hands Doctrine Arise in Family Litigation?

    Parties who are going to court need to be prepared for a range of allegations that can arise from a dispute. In some cases, a party’s conduct may trigger the “clean hands” doctrine. This is a principle in which a party who seeks an equitable remedy from the court must come with clean hands. If the p … Read more »

  • Are Child Welfare Agencies Liable to Parents or Foster Families?

    Child welfare agencies take responsibility over children who are in their care. But, do they owe any duty of care to biological parents or foster parents? The question has arisen in the context of investigations into families that agencies may undertake. Courts have highlighted that agencies within … Read more »

  • What if a Spouse Empties a Joint Bank Account Before Separation?

    It is common for couples to maintain joint accounts during marriage. Both parties will have equal rights to the account and can make deposits and withdraw funds from the account. Both parties will also be responsible for any account debts, such as on a joint line of credit. Joint accounts can be hel … Read more »

  • How is Child Support Calculated When Parties Live in Different Jurisdictions?

    Obtaining and enforcing a child support order when the other party resides in another jurisdiction can be a complicated process. However, legislation establishes a process to obtain support without having to retain a lawyer in the other jurisdiction. When the other party resides outside of the court … Read more »

  • Courts Grapple With Valuing a New Business at Separation

    During a divorce, spouses will need to consider dividing family property and making an equalization payment. Some categories of property will be easy to deal with, but others, such as an ownership interest in a business, can be more challenging and raise valuation issues. Spouses can have different … Read more »