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  • Don't Label Me!

    On this episode, we’re unpacking labels like “victim” and “criminal”. We speak with Canada’s Ombudsman for Victims of Crime, Margot Van Sluytman, a poet and writer whose father was murdered at his workplace when she was a child, and Shannon Moroney, a bestselling author whose husband forcibly confin … Read more »

  • Dear Canada: Stop Detaining Migrants

    On this episode of Appointed, we dig into the issue of immigration detention. We speak with a man named Olu and his wife Kimora. Olu was detained for 11 months, despite having no criminal charges laid against him. He organized with his fellow detainees and even went on a hunger strike to try to secu … Read more »

  • Turning the Tides Against Solitary

    On this shorter episode Kim and Reakash discuss the recent push in the Senate to overhaul the government’s Bill to “end” solitary confinement, Bill C-83. (Spoiler: Bill C-83 doesn’t end solitary confinement at all) Kim provides an update on which Senate amendments the government accepted and the man … Read more »

  • Livable Incomes for All

    All paths to income equality seem to point towards a National Guaranteed Livable Income — find out why on the newest episode of Appointed. We speak with Sheila Regehr, the Executive Director of Basic Income Canada to learn about Ontario’s Basic Income Pilot Program and why it got scrapped. We also … Read more »

  • Beyond Incarceration

    On this episode of Appointed we’re talking about decarceration and why Canada needs WAY more of it. We interview Yusuf Faqiri, the brother of Soleiman Faqiri, a man with mental illness who was killed in an Ontario jail. We also speak with Debbie Kilroy an advocate, legal practicioner, former prisone … Read more »