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  • Can You Be a Firefighter in Canada if You Have a Criminal Record?

    It takes a special person to become a firefighter. It’s not enough to be physically fit to handle the demanding nature of the job. You also need the courage to run into burning buildings and save lives. These qualities coincide with common personality traits found in criminals. They can usually run … Read more »

  • Entering Canada for Year-End Holidays With a Criminal Record

    Do you wish to enter Canada this coming holiday season but are afraid that your criminal record might get you turned away at the border? Here’s what you need to know: Can I Enter Canada for Year-End Holidays In 2022 With a Criminal Record? Provided you haven’t applied well in advance for Criminal Re … Read more »

  • Travelling to the United States for Year-End Holidays with a Criminal Record

    Can You Travel to the USA if You Have a Criminal Record? Non-US nationals looking to enter the United States for Christmas or New Year’s may have their plans dashed if they have a criminal record, even if their criminal record is from years ago or for a minor offence. If you have a criminal record, … Read more »

  • Impact of a Criminal Record on Your Family

    Couples, as well as individuals throughout the world, are always looking to foster or adopt children for a variety of reasons. There is a screening process and a criminal record check that needs to be completed. There are a lot of rules in place in order to ensure the child’s safety. This means that … Read more »

  • Can You Travel to Canada with a Criminal Record?

    If you have been convicted of a crime, you may be denied entry into Canada. However, depending on your criminal record, and how long it has been since you’ve completed your sentence, you may still be able to travel to Canada. People with criminal backgrounds are generally permitted to visit Canada, … Read more »