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  • Which Countries Do Not Allow Felons?

    Which Countries Do Not Allow Felons? Being charged with or convicted of a felony shouldn’t be a permanent bar to enjoying life. But the reality is that it can pose some serious challenges. Depending on where you want to travel, your felony record might halt you in your tracks. Here are some countrie … Read more »

  • Can My Military Record Be Pardoned?

    Your military record can be pardoned after the Record Suspension process. When your criminal record is suspended, your service record will also be amended. You are eligible after 10 years if you have: An indictable offence A service offence punishable by a fine of more than $2,000, more than six mon … Read more »

  • Is a DUI on a Background Check?

    A DUI will appear on a background check because it is considered a criminal offence in Canada. To remove it, you will need to apply for a Record Suspension. However, you likely do not need a waiver to enter the United States. A DUI is considered a hybrid offence. This means that it can be tried as a … Read more »

  • How Do You Seal A Criminal Record?

    To seal a criminal record you need to make an application to the Parole Board of Canada. Often, when people ask about sealing their criminal record, they are concerned that a past infraction will prevent them from obtaining security clearance, employment or housing. A Record Suspension means the cri … Read more »

  • Why Would I Need My Police Profile Deleted?

    You may need to have your police profile deleted if it is still showing up on record checks. A Police File Deletion is a process that removes records of non-convictions such as withdrawn, stayed, or discharged offences. These records will arise as a result of a charge that, for a variety of reasons, … Read more »