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  • Man CA – Police can identify driver of rental car via agency

    On April 15th, the Court of Appeal for Manitoba held that an accused had no reasonable expectation of privacy in information that a rental car agency provided to the police without a warrant. The police were investigating a fatal shooting. The shooter was in a rental car that belonged to a specific … Read more »

  • Ontario BPS cyber expert panel raises alarm

    Last autumn, the Ontario government struck an expert panel of cyber advisors. Among other things, it gave the panel a mandate to “assess and identify common and sector-specific cyber security themes and challenges encountered by Broader Public Sector (BPS) agencies and service delivery partners in O … Read more »

  • Cyber Risks and M&A Transactions

    We have just posted all the content for our BLG series “Privacy & Cyber Risks, Trends & Opportunities for Business.” See here for some very good content by our privacy and data security team. Here is a direct link to our most recent webinar, which I delivered together with my partner Patrice Martin. … Read more »

  • When it happens, will you be ready? How to excel in handling your next cyber incident

    I like speaking about incident response because there are so many important practical points to convey. Every so often I re-consolidate my thinking on the topic and do up a new slide deck. Here is one such deck from this week’s presentation at Canadian Society of Association Executives Winter Summit … Read more »

  • The current state of FOI

    Here is a deck I just put together for the The Osgoode Certificate in Privacy & Cybersecurity Law that gives a high-level perspective on the state of FOI, in particular given (a) the free flow of information that can eviscerate practical obscurity and (b) the serious cyber threat that’s facing our p … Read more »