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  • Notable quote from recent EWCA freedom of information judgement

    On November 22, 2023, the Court of Appeal (England and Wales) held that the Freedom of Information Act 2000 permits the public interest in maintaining non-absolute exemptions to be weighed in the aggregate against the public interest in disclosure. This decision is technical, and about the unique st … Read more »

  • BCSC addresses university possession and control of research records

    On November 6th, the Supreme Court of British Columbia affirmed a British Columbia OIPC finding that a university was in possession and control of e-mails sent and received by a faculty member that the University claimed related to research. The Court nonetheless quashed the OIPC’s order to issue a … Read more »

  • Threat information sharing: why you can do what’s right

    It was an honour and pleasure to speak today at the Canadian SecuR&E Forum, a research and education community-building event event hosted by CANARIE. My object was to spread the gospel of threat information sharing and debunk some myths about legal privilege as a barrier to it. Here are my slides, … Read more »

  • Nova Scotia arbitrator admits audio recording over union objection

    On April 17, Nova Scotia labour arbitrator Augustus Richardson admitted audio recording evidence that a union objected to even though the employer failed to give proper notice of recording. The grievors were correctional officers discharged for behaving offensively and unprofessionally in transporti … Read more »

  • Apply The Emergency Mind to cyber incident response

    My BLG teammates and I take the privilege of guiding clients through the perils of cyber incidents seriously. To honour the privilege, we think deeply about various aspects of our performance, including how we can perform better under pressure. Dr. Dan Dworkis’s book, The Emergency Mind: Wiring Your … Read more »