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  • Don’t let your favourite TV show fool you…

    Today’s blog was written by Courtney Lanthier, law clerk at Fasken LLP I was watching a show recently where, when a character passed away, he left his family a video message that included how he wanted to divide his estate. As someone who recently started drafting wills and working through… The po … Read more »

  • Limitation Periods and Fraudulent Concealment

    Missing a limitation period can be highly detrimental to any case. But, what happens when the party simply does not know he or she has a claim, as a result of the conduct of another? This issue, among others, was addressed in the recent Ontario Court of Appeal decision, Beaudoin… The post Limitati … Read more »

  • CRA issues favourable ruling on post-mortem pipelines

    The Canada Revenue Agency (CRA) has been asked on numerous occasions to weigh in on whether specific post-mortem planning implemented by taxpayers to avoid double taxation would result in a deemed dividend. In a recent ruling, the CRA concluded that it would not apply either specific tax rules or th … Read more »

  • Supporting Seniors: An Important Election Issue

    There is a lot going on this month, including World Alzheimers Awareness Month.  However the election takes priority for me.  Next week’s blog will focus on dementia issues but for today, the focus of this blog is on what the federal parties are considering regarding supporting seniors and their car … Read more »

  • Powers of Attorney for Property: Implications of Obtaining a Formal Capacity Assessment

    Have you ever had this train of thought: ‘what happens now that X is losing capacity? Do I, as the appointed attorney for property, start acting gradually, as needed, or do I obtain a capacity assessment? What are the implications of obtaining versus not obtaining a capacity assessment, particularly … Read more »