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  • The Importance of the U.S. Federal Transfer Certificate

    Canadians often misunderstand (or are unaware) that the U.S. estate tax may apply to their estate.  Indeed, if a Canadian dies owning U.S. situs assets with a gross value exceeding USD $60,000, their estate will have to file a U.S. estate tax return and, depending on the worldwide fair market… The … Read more »

  • Plan Well Before Moving an Elderly Person Across the Country

    Moving a household from one place to another is near the top of the stress scale for most of us. With a rapidly aging population, families may consider moving an elderly person from one part of the country to another for various reasons. Major moves are disruptive and bring substantial… The post P … Read more »

  • Videos and Wills: Helpful or Harmful?

    Pictured: A screen grab from the music video for “Only Acting” by Kero Kero Bonito. It’s one of my favourite songs. It’s not quite about video wills, but it does show off some of the challenges of recording oneself. What are Video Wills? Some practitioners have floated the idea of… The post Videos … Read more »

  • How to talk about death and dying: morbid curiosity welcome

    I may be ghoulish, but I think not. I am quite interested in talking about death and dying. I’m the daughter of a former hospice nurse, a former student of a high school teacher who spent an entire term teaching about death and dying as part of a world religions… The post How to talk about death a … Read more »

  • Does an Adult Child have an Obligation to Support their Parent?

    *This blog was researched and authored by Jonathon Vander Zee, who is an articling student with de VRIES LITIGATION LLP.  There are many different kinds of support that can be sought as relief in a legal proceeding, such as child support, spousal support, and dependant’s support. These types of supp … Read more »