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  • Cactus Club Café and the law of Wining & Dining

    Imagine this: you and a date visit a restaurant and order a bottle of wine while you catch-up, consider the menus, and enjoy the ambience. After the better part of two hours, but before ordering and consuming any food, you order a second bottle of wine. Is this an entirely innocuous and unremarkable … Read more »

  • August, 2022 General Liquor Policy Changes

    So far 2022 has been a relatively slow year for policy changes by British Columbia’s Liquor and Cannabis Regulation Branch. Readers of A&A will know that over the last couple years (largely driven by COVID) government regulators had been rolling out some substantial changes to liquor policy. But 202 … Read more »

  • Ikura Japanese Restaurant: Drinking, Driving and the Fit and Proper Analysis

    Ikura, located on Granville Street in Vancouver, holds a food primary liquor licence. At issue in the hearing before the general manager’s delegate was the Liquor & Cannabis Regulation Branch’s allegation that the licensee was in substantial breach of the terms and conditions of its licence by permi … Read more »

  • Liquor & Cannabis Regulation Branch Enforcement Decisions now on CanLii

    Big news for British Columbia’s hospitality industry: enforcement decisions of the general manager’s delegates from 2022 onwards are now available on CanLii! Some time ago I participated in a short survey commissioned by the Branch canvassing views on how useful (searchable) the existing enforcement … Read more »

  • Case to watch: Kirkland v. Attorney General of Alberta

    Kyle Kirkland is a member of the Hells Angels Motorcycle Club. Since at least 2016, spread over two different pieces of litigation (2016 court decisions outlining his first lawsuit can be read here and here, and a 2021 decision here) Mr. Kirkland has been seeking a declaration that several sections … Read more »