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  • Ottawa Police Intercepted communications violated Charter

    In a rare double ruling, the Court of Appeal for Ontario has delivered a decisive message that the admissibility of intercepted communications by police forces pursuant to the Criminal Code must adhere to the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms if convictions are to withstand a legal challenge. … Read more »

  • The life of a criminal lawyer’s litigation bag

    As a young criminal lawyer in 2006, I found my future litigation bag in a dumpster. It was mostly fine. Sure, it was missing a button and the sides were split. And it looked a bit dated, in a mid-1990s burgundy kind of way—long before the 1990s were retro cool. One lawyer’s trash is often a junior d … Read more »

  • Ottawa detainees left in the cold

    Sometimes an acquittal is cold comfort. Literally. Imagine that you are arrested for a crime you didn’t commit. The charges are serious, and you have been struggling otherwise. You recently lost your job, your housing is unstable, and you live in poverty. So, as is all too typical in our justice sys … Read more »

  • Stay upheld at Ontario Court of Appeal

    Today, AGP partner and Ottawa lawyer Howard Krongold successfully defended on appeal the stay of our client’s criminal charges because his constitutional right to a timely trial was violated. At trial, the judge stayed proceedings against our client because, as a result of short-staffing in the cour … Read more »

  • Michael Spratt Named to Top 25 Most Influential Lawyers of 2020

    Abergel Goldstein & Partners LLP is thrilled to announce that partner Michael Spratt, C.S., has been recognized by Canadian Lawyer as one of Canada’s Top 25 Most Influential Lawyers of 2020. Canadian Lawyer’s Top 25 Most Influential in the Canadian justice system and legal profession is now in its 1 … Read more »