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  • Accused Murderer Fires Lawyer and Proceeds as Self-Represented

    Cory Fenn, accused of murdering a woman and two children, fires his lawyer and opts to represent himself in a judge alone trial. Although it may be tempting to represent yourself in a criminal case, it is ill-advised to do so given the risk to your freedom, reputation and finances. The post Accused … Read more »

  • Judge Orders that All Jurors in Ontario Must be Vaccinated

    Superior Court Justice Geoffrey Morawetz gave an order that any potential juror who is unvaccinated or prefers not to provide an answer regarding vaccination status will have their jury service deferred to a later date. This order lasts until October 8, 2021, but may be extended. The post Judge Orde … Read more »

  • Drug Possession Charges

    One of the most common charges involving drugs in Canada is possession of a scheduled substance. The two key elements required for possession include knowledge and control. The post Drug Possession Charges appeared first on Affleck & Barrison LLP. … Read more »

  • Supreme Court Clarifies the Issue of Capacity to Consent in Sexual Assault Cases

    The Supreme Court set out a four part test to determine whether an individual is capable of consent in the case of a sexual assault offence. The individual must be capable of understanding all of the following in order to be capable of consent: the physical act; the sexual nature of the act; the ide … Read more »

  • B.C. Appeal Court Rules that Distracted Driving is Not Limited to Holding a Cellphone

    A recent decision by British Columbia’s highest court found that the offence of distracted driving is not limited to a driver holding a cellphone in their hands while behind the wheel. The post B.C. Appeal Court Rules that Distracted Driving is Not Limited to Holding a Cellphone appeared first on Af … Read more »