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  • “Good cop, bad cop” in a DUI case

    If you watch police drama shows like “The Wire” you have a pretty good idea of the concept of “good cop, bad cop” in police interrogations. It’s a psychological tactic used in negotiations and interrogations in which one police officer plays the role of the “good cop,” attempting to be sympathetic a … Read more »

  • DUI in a Dodge Ram 1500 in Prince George

    In the last two years, we’ve noticed that the police in many jurisdictions seem to pull over Dodge Ram trucks more often than others for focused scrutiny concerning impaired driving. Dodge Ram drivers are asked to blow into Approved Screening Devices more often. Dodge Ram drivers seem to end up with … Read more »

  • How do I dispute a notice of intent to prohibit?

    You can dispute it if you’ve received a notice of intent to prohibit. The first thing you need to know about that is that you only have 21 days from the date on the letter to make your submissions. This doesn’t mean that you can’t make submissions outside of the 21 days, but you run … How do I dispu … Read more »

  • If I get a notice of intent to prohibit, will I get suspended?

    Receiving a notice of intent to prohibit doesn’t mean you will automatically be suspended, but it does mean you will have to take some action to ensure that you do not get suspended. When you receive a notice of intent to prohibit, it is just that, a notification that ICBC intends to prohibit you fr … Read more »

  • What is a notice of intent to prohibit

    A notice of intent to prohibit is a letter generated by ICBC or RoadSafety BC to inform you that it is their intention to suspend your license. Receiving a Notice of Intent to Prohibit does not guarantee that your license is going to be suspended, but it most likely will be. A notice of intent … Wha … Read more »