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  • Where have all the decisions gone?

    Meanwhile, no decisions. Two trickled in a few weeks ago. They upheld the prohibitions issued on the defective breathalyzers on the basis that Paul’s evidence was of no assistance to the tribunal. The reasons for this conclusion are difficult to discern, and do not make any logical sense. We sought … Read more »

  • Built-in drunk driving prevention sensors

    Technologies in cars that could assist with drunk driving prevention have been in development for more than a decade now. However, it finally looks as though these preventative measures may be hitting the streets sooner than we thought. According to the Stats Canada website, drunk driving in Canada … Read more »

  • The problem with awarding police officers IRP numbers

    Imagine awarding police officers for the number of speeding tickets they hand out in a year. It would seem obvious that numbers and quotas matter; that’s what it all comes down to. At least, that’s what we would be led to believe. It is a long-standing suspicion that when you get a speeding ticket f … Read more »

  • When They Don’t Read You Your Rights

    We are often asked what happens when the police don’t read you your rights during an Immediate Roadside Prohibition investigation. It is really a question of whether there is a remedy. We know it is not uncommon for the police not to read a person their rights during an Immediate Roadside Prohibitio … Read more »

  • Non-functional breathalyzer refusal

    What if you refused to blow outright without knowing if the police officer had a functional Approved Screening Device (ASD) to test you? This has been a constant issue in Immediate Roadside Prohibition “refusal” cases from the start. The general rule is that the officer can demand a driver to blow i … Read more »