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  • TestSafe Mouthpiece

    Intoximeters, the manufacturer of the alcohol screening device used by British Columbia police forces, announced the release of a new mouthpiece designed to prevent the spread of Covid-19. The TestSafe Mouthpiece promises to filter 99.9% of viral and bacterial particles. The news follows concerns I … Read more »

  • Tougher driving penalties in store for 2021

    After the dumpster fire of a year that was 2020 we would like to start 2021 off with some good news. Unfortunately, the new year started off with some bad news for drivers – tougher driving penalties. BC Minister of Public Safety Mike Farnworth wrote an op-ed in which he hinted at tougher penalties … Read more »

  • Canadians’ cannabis and driving habits revealed

    A nationwide survey has shed light on cannabis users’ driving habits. The Canadian Cannabis Survey (CSS), developed and implemented by Health Canada, looked at a range of behaviours relative to cannabis use, including driving. Among the survey’s insights was data showing a slight decrease in the fre … Read more »

  • Can I go to prison for dangerous driving?

    The consequences of dangerous driving can be severe and the law reflects this. It may come as a surprise to some but you can go to prison for dangerous driving causing bodily harm. Before that can happen, however, the Crown must prove all the elements of the offence were met. Depending on the seriou … Read more »

  • We can help you keep your licence in BC

    Losing your driver’s licence significantly affects your life. There are several reasons why you could lose your licence, but the good news is Acumen Law Corporation is here to make sure you keep your licence in BC. Your driving privileges are constantly under threat in BC. What’s more, getting your … Read more »