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  • What can I do if my employer is forcing me back to the office?

    As COVID-19 restrictions lessen and many employers look to reopen their office spaces for their employees, work culture is gradually shifting back to in-person situations. While many offices are choosing to remain with their employees working from home, many are not.    However, as employers look to … Read more »

  • Wrongful Resignation: What is it and when does it happen?

    At any time, an employment contract can be terminated by either the employee or the employer. We are all familiar with the possible liabilities of an employer for wrongful termination of employment. Less attention is paid to the case of an employee being alleged to have wrongfully resigned (sometime … Read more »

  • What is discrimination on the grounds of family status?

    Many people struggle to manage the twin obligations of work and family, particularly when taking care of their children or elderly parent. Carrying out these two major responsibilities has become very difficult, especially due to the lack of social support for families, such as adequate childcare, e … Read more »

  • When is A Good Time To Terminate A Problematic Employee?

    Maintaining a healthy, happy, and functional work environment is very important in any office space or workplace. However, as many people will, unfortunately, experience in their time, one employee can ruin an environment with problematic behavior.   When dealing with an employee who causes issues i … Read more »

  • I left a position for a new job and then I was fired

    This article explains the concept of inducement in employment law. Inducement refers to a particular situation when an employer has persuaded or enticed an employee to quit the secure job they had in order to go work for them. On some occasions, your new employer can make promises such as offering a … Read more »