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  • What Happens to Employment Insurance When You Quit?

    The Canadian government offers regular employment insurance benefits, better known as EI, to people who are out of work. EI provides temporary payments to people who meet certain conditions. But what happens to employment insurance when you quit? If you were terminated from your job with cause, or i … Read more »

  • The Dangers of Cancelling a Fixed-Term Contract Early

    While most employees can be terminated and provided with the appropriate termination notice or pay-in-lieu, different rules apply to fixed-term employees. This article provides an analysis of McGuinty v. 1845035 Ontario Inc. (McGuinty Funeral Home), 2019 ONSC 4108, and outlines the dangers associate … Read more »

  • The Different Types of Retainer Agreements

    What Is a Retainer Agreement? In Ontario, if you hire a lawyer, you will most likely be asked to enter into a retainer agreement. A retainer agreement is a common way for lawyers and legal professionals to outline the essential terms of the services provided, including the parties to the agreement a … Read more »

  • The Dangers of Severance Pay Calculators

    An online search for tools to calculate an employee’s severance pay will bring up multiple “calculators” to determine severance pay entitlements upon termination. Yet, many of these tools are misleading and provide an inaccurate estimate of an employee’s actual entitlements upon termination. What is … Read more »

  • Canada Labour Code Changes: Violence and Harassment

    With all that has happened in 2020, it can be easy to forget changes introduced earlier in the year. This article outlines the earlier amendments to the Canada Labour Code (“CLC”), which came into force on January 1, 2021. This article also covers the newly introduced government policy document to a … Read more »