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  • What Happens If An Employee Is Classified As a Contractor?

    What happens when a worker is classified as a contractor, when really they are an employee? When it comes to creating a work relationship, parties will typically enter into an employment relationship by way of an employment agreement. This agreement will come with certain terms such as a schedule, f … Read more »

  • Employment Contracts in Ontario: What You Need to Know

    After recent major precedent setting cases, written employment contracts in Ontario have become the standard when onboarding new employees. Having a written employment agreement is beneficial for both employees and employers as both parties have something tangible to refer to throughout their relati … Read more »

  • Working Before Signing an Employment Contract

    Employment relationships in Ontario are governed by employment contracts. If there is no written employment contract between an employer and employee, there is a deemed verbal employment agreement at common law.  Whether a written or verbal employment agreement governs an employment relationship can … Read more »

  • How To Deal With Sexual Harassment In The Workplace

    Sexual harassment in the workplace is an issue that employers should not leave unaddressed. According to Ontario’s Occupational Health and Safety Act (OHSA), sexual harassment is considered a form of discrimination based on sex. The definition found in the OHRC outlines that an individual sexually h … Read more »

  • Mandatory Vaccinations In The Workplace

    Many workplaces have started to release their official policies regarding mandatory vaccinations. Examples of workplaces that are asking for mandatory vaccinations include institutions such as the University of Toronto, the University of Ottawa as well as government entities like City of Toronto and … Read more »