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  • Black History Conference- Reckoning with Racism

    Written by the Clinique Juridique Franco-Justice (CJFJ):   Black History Conference- Reckoning with Racism   For this year’s Black History Month, the CJFJ will host a conference on February 15, 2023 at 5:30 pm CT with Professor Constance Blackhouse.      The views and opinions expressed in the blogs … Read more »

  • 2022 Justice Development Goals Survey

    Written by Natasha Brown The National Action Committee on  Access to Justice in Civil and Family Matters has finalized its 2022 Survey on access to justice in Canada. New projects or initiatives that happened in 2022 will be tracked according to each of the Justice Development Goals. Anyone advancin … Read more »

  • The Legal Profession Amendment Act and its Implications

    The most commonly discussed barrier to access to justice in Canada is the unaffordability of the legal system. It is well documented that many Canadians will not contact a legal professional when faced with a legal problem and are thus unable to benefit from specific legal expertise.[1] The recently … Read more »

  • Support for Self-Representing Litigants in Canada: The McKenzie Friend

    Written by Eric Epp For self-representing litigants (SRL), the prospect of going to court alone can be extremely daunting. SRL are able to access various types of information that may assist them, such as obtaining legal information from community organizations or by receiving legal coaching through … Read more »

  • Summary: “The Impact of the Lack of Legal Aid in Family Law Cases”

    The goal of legal aid in Canada is to ensure the interests of justice are served, protect the legal rights of those with limited income, and provide fair and equal justice.[1] Legal aid, however, far from captures all those who need representation and, when underfunded for family cases, the impacts … Read more »