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A Primer on Special Needs and the Law is dedicated to providing timely and practical advice to individuals with disabilities and their families in Nova Scotia on numerous issues, including guardianship, human rights, special education and future planning for persons with disabilities.

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  • #Where's The Bill?

    Following up on my last update on the Canada Disability Benefit, I have some more news to share.According to Disability Without Poverty, during the Committee process a few positive changes have been adopted, includingindexing the benefit to inflation; a requirement that agreements with provinces and … Read more »

  • Update on Canada Disability Benefit Act

    This past week, MPs unanimously passed the second reading of  Bill C-22, the Canada Disability Act.This only happened thanks to a lot of work by the disability community in reaching out to MPs to stress the importance of the creation of the Canada Disability Benefit. We all need to be proud of this … Read more »

  • Major Improvements to Disability Tax Credit Eligibility

    I’ve written a fair bit over the years about the Disability Tax Credit (“DCT”); primarily how worthwhile it is to have and how difficult it is to be approved. Finally, some good news.In order to qualify for the DTC, a medical practitioner must certify that you have have a severe and prolonged impair … Read more »

  • Advocacy Is What Its All About

    The following is an excerpt from the Inclusion Matters September 2022 email:On September 20, Members of Parliament debated the second reading of Bill C-22, which seeks to create the Canada Disability Benefit.This historic legislation will implement a monthly benefit for people with a disability in C … Read more »

  • Protecting an Inheritance with the Registered Disability Savings Plan?

    I was asked recently whether an inheritance could be placed directly into a Registered Disability Savings Plan (“RDSP”) so as to protect those funds from the Department of Community Services. As an aside, if you’re somehow not already familiar with the RDSP, you really need to be.  As long-time read … Read more »