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A Seismic Shift in Regulation of BC Lawyers: A Case Study in the Failure of Democratic Law-Making


British Columbia’s government is currently fighting the Law Society of British Columbia (LSBC) and the Trial Lawyers Association of British Columbia (TLABC) over BC’s new Legal Professions Act (Bill 21). They and others see Bill 21 as unlawfully terminating the independence of the profession of... more »

The Clashing of Wage Restraint Legislation with s. 2(d) Collective Bargaining Rights

In Ontario English Catholic Teachers’ Association v. Ontario (Attorney General), 2024 ONCA 101 [OECTA], the majority of the Ontario Court of Appeal (“ONCA” or the “Court”) upheld the Superior Court... The post The Clashing of Wage Restraint Legislation with s. 2(d) Collective Bargaining Ri... more »

Vincent Gautrais, «Introduction», dans Vincent Gautrais, Dictionnaire de la norme: formaliser l'informel, (2024) 29-3 Lex electronica 

Vincent Gautrais

[1] Introduction de l’introduction. Ce projet de Dictionnaire de la norme nous tient à cœur depuis longtemps. Il correspond à une manière d’appréhender, sans appréhension, le droit vu largement. Largement au regard de sa compréhension formelle et tout aussi largement en tenant compte de s... more »

B.C. Case Comment: Court of Appeal Overturns Award Against Notary who Witnessed Signature to Land Transfer

BC Estate Litigation Blog

What duties does a notary (or lawyer) have when witnessing a signature on a document, such as a land transfer document, to ensure that the person signing the document understands that document and is voluntarily signing it? What if you are only retaining this person for the limited purpose of witnes... more »

Important new Ontario court decision on privilege in incident response documentation

Canadian Privacy Law Blog

The Ontario divisional court has just released a decision, LifeLabs LP v. Information and Privacy Commr. (Ontario), 2024 ONSC 2194, that should grab the attention of Canadian lawyers who work in cyber incident response. I don’t know whether it will be appealed, but the logic of the decision is pr... more »

TLC Lunch Bites: Building Self-Awareness to Improve Efficiency and Productivity

Attorney With a Life

We are excited to publish our second episode of The Lawyer Coach’s Lunch Bites! TLC Lunch Bites are short videos on a variety of topics that come up commonly in coaching conversations with lawyers. These short videos provide an opportunity to learn useful coaching nuggets quickly. As lawyers, we k... more »

Rules For Winning the War For Talent While Improving Profitability

Thoughtful Legal Management

♫ Together together Were winning together Forever and ever You’ll be remembered For every little thing you do for me…♫ My latest  – and lead article: “Winning the War for Talent While Improving Profitability” just released in American Bar Association’s Law Practice Magazine. Co-writ... more »