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Congressional Research Reports on Protection of Classified Information

Library Boy

In the wake of last week's seizure by the F.B.I. of top secret files at the Florida residence of former U.S. President Donald Trump, the Congressional Research Service in Washington, D.C. has updated a few of its reports on the topic of classified information and presidential powers.Presidential Records Management: Preservation and Disposal (Updated August 9, 2022)The Protection of Classified Info... more »

BC Case Comment – UPDATE: Plaintiff not a “Spouse” Entitled to Share of Estate – Denied Leave to Appeal to Supreme Court of Canada

BC Estate Litigation Blog

I previously wrote about the B.C. Court of Appeal decision of Mother 1 v. Solus Trust Company Limited 2021 BCCA  461, in which “Mother 1” asked the Court of Appeal to overturn a decision by the B.C. Supreme Court that she was not a “spouse” of the deceased.  My post on the B.C. Court of A... more »

No Charter-protected expectation of privacy in vehicle operation data

All About Information

On July 20th, the Court of Appeal for Saskatchewan held that an accused person who drove his pickup truck through a highway intersection and stuck a semi-truck did not have a reasonable expectation of privacy that precluded the police from seizing a control module and its data from his vehicle befor... more »

Ottawa: Notice to the Public and Profession on Civil Court Motions

AvoidAClaim: Claims Prevention & Practice Management for Lawyers

From the CCLA Starting August 8th, 2022, parties bringing motions for hearing on the regular Civil motions list in Ottawa shall be required to pay the filing fee and file a notice of motion through the Justice Service Online Portal within 10 days of reserving a motion date. If they fail to take thes... more »

Video: OPC Finding: Spam messages sent by COVID testing contractor

Canadian Privacy Law Blog

The Privacy Commissioner of Canada just released a report of findings about a company contracted by the Airport of Montreal to do on-arrival covid testing. The company added the people tested to their mailing list and sent them unsolicited commercial electronic messages. The investigation was done j... more »

Ikura Japanese Restaurant: Drinking, Driving and the Fit and Proper Analysis

Alcohol and Advocacy

Ikura, located on Granville Street in Vancouver, holds a food primary liquor licence. At issue in the hearing before the general manager’s delegate was the Liquor & Cannabis Regulation Branch’s allegation that the licensee was in substantial breach of the terms and conditions of its licence... more »

R v Sharma: SCC to Determine whether Restrictions on Conditional Sentences Violate the Equality Rights of Indigenous Offenders

“The figures are stark and reflect what may fairly be termed a crisis.” Justices Iacobucci and Cory wrote these words in response to statistics on the overrepresentation of Indigenous people... The post <em>R v Sharma</em>: SCC to Determine whether Restrictions on Conditional Sentenc... more »