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New South Wales Law Reform Commission Paper on Racial and Religious Vilification

Library Boy

The Law Reform Commission in the Australian state of New South Wales has issued a so-called options paper on serious racial and religious vilification. It is part of a consultation on the effectiveness of section 93Z of the Crimes Act 1900 (NSW) in addressing serious racial and religious vilification in the state.  The paper briefly outlines some of the options for reform of s 93Z. That sec... more »

How Long is Too Long? SCC Interprets “Forthwith” Requirement for Breath Sample Demands

In R v Breault, 2023 SCC 9 [Breault], the Supreme Court of Canada (“SCC”) settled a long-running dispute regarding the flexibility of the immediacy requirement in situations where a police... The post How Long is Too Long? SCC Interprets “Forthwith” Requirement for Breath Sample Demands appe... more »

Notice of Security Interest (NOSI) ban effective June 6, 2024

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The Ontario Government has passed Bill 200, the Homeowner Protection Act, 2024, in the Legislative Assembly of Ontario, which received Royal Assent on June 6, 2024. The Personal Property Security Act was amended to specify that a notice of security interest (NOSI) may not be registered in a land reg... more »

Vincent Gautrais, «La souveraineté numérique et dépendance des États aux technologies», dans Brunessen Bertrand et Guillaume Le Floch (dir.), La souveraineté numérique, Macro droit / Micro droit, Bruxelles, Bruylant, 2024, pp. 107-132. 

Vincent Gautrais

La souveraineté numérique concerne tout à la fois des enjeux démocratiques, économiques et sociaux, commerciaux, industriels, de défense et de sécurité. Saisis dans leur intégralité, ces différents domaines mettent en cause l’intégrité des compétences des États ainsi que leur indép... more »

B.C. Case Comment: Court Awards Damages For Amount Received by Defendant from Deceased Days Before Death

BC Estate Litigation Blog

If there are suspicions transfers during the deceased’s lifetime, these can be scrutinized and investigated after the death of the deceased. A personal representative ought to consider whether any large transfers should to be challenged, on the basis that a gift was not intended, or that the trans... more »

BC Government Passes Legislation Giving Fee Simple Land Rights to First Nations

Waterstone Law Group LLP

Author: Brydan Heisler The Government of B.C. has passed legislation to give First Nation bands the right to directly acquire, hold and register fee simple land in BC. This new law will come into force on May 21, 2024. The objective of these legislative changes is to remove a long-standing discrimin... more »

Important new Ontario court decision on privilege in incident response documentation

Canadian Privacy Law Blog

The Ontario divisional court has just released a decision, LifeLabs LP v. Information and Privacy Commr. (Ontario), 2024 ONSC 2194, that should grab the attention of Canadian lawyers who work in cyber incident response. I don’t know whether it will be appealed, but the logic of the decision is pr... more »

TLC Lunch Bites: Building Self-Awareness to Improve Efficiency and Productivity

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We are excited to publish our second episode of The Lawyer Coach’s Lunch Bites! TLC Lunch Bites are short videos on a variety of topics that come up commonly in coaching conversations with lawyers. These short videos provide an opportunity to learn useful coaching nuggets quickly. As lawyers, we k... more »

Rules For Winning the War For Talent While Improving Profitability

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♫ Together together Were winning together Forever and ever You’ll be remembered For every little thing you do for me…♫ My latest  – and lead article: “Winning the War for Talent While Improving Profitability” just released in American Bar Association’s Law Practice Magazine. Co-writ... more »