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B.C. Case Comment: Transfer of Property to Child Set Aside on Basis of Undue Influence

BC Estate Litigation Blog

I have previously discussed that gifts are irrevocable, and so a donor cannot change their mind and seek to take back property that they have gifted. However, the Court may set aside a gratuitous transfer if it was procured by undue influence, whether that be intentional influence or unintentional i... more »

6e édition Rencontre des Jeunes Chercheuses et Chercheurs en Droit & Numérique, Vulnérabilités numériques , Université de Montréal / Zoom(17 mai 2024)

Vincent Gautrais

Les technologies numériques s’infiltrent en effet au cœur du soin et de la relation médicale : ainsi, la numérisation des dossiers de santé, le traitement automatisé des données patients et les usages de la télémédecine questionnent le respect de certains droits et libertés, en particu... more »

BC Government Passes Legislation Giving Fee Simple Land Rights to First Nations

Waterstone Law Group LLP

Author: Brydan Heisler The Government of B.C. has passed legislation to give First Nation bands the right to directly acquire, hold and register fee simple land in BC. This new law will come into force on May 21, 2024. The objective of these legislative changes is to remove a long-standing discrimin... more »

UPDATE: Administrative dismissals of SCJ civil, family and Small Claims Court matters resume May 13

AvoidAClaim: Claims Prevention & Practice Management for Lawyers

Please note that administrative dismissals resume on May 13, 2024, for Superior Court civil, Small Claims Court, Divisional Court, and family matters. The contents of this notice only address Superior Court civil actions. Which Superior Court civil actions will be dismissed? Unless appropriate steps... more »

Important new Ontario court decision on privilege in incident response documentation

Canadian Privacy Law Blog

The Ontario divisional court has just released a decision, LifeLabs LP v. Information and Privacy Commr. (Ontario), 2024 ONSC 2194, that should grab the attention of Canadian lawyers who work in cyber incident response. I don’t know whether it will be appealed, but the logic of the decision is pr... more »

TLC Lunch Bites: Building Self-Awareness to Improve Efficiency and Productivity

Attorney With a Life

We are excited to publish our second episode of The Lawyer Coach’s Lunch Bites! TLC Lunch Bites are short videos on a variety of topics that come up commonly in coaching conversations with lawyers. These short videos provide an opportunity to learn useful coaching nuggets quickly. As lawyers, we k... more »

Rules For Winning the War For Talent While Improving Profitability

Thoughtful Legal Management

♫ Together together Were winning together Forever and ever You’ll be remembered For every little thing you do for me…♫ My latest  – and lead article: “Winning the War for Talent While Improving Profitability” just released in American Bar Association’s Law Practice Magazine. Co-writ... more »