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  • Pending Changes To Income Tax ActSeptember 15, 2017

    One of the reasons that family businesses thrive and become successful is that they are able to organize their corporations to allow members of the family to become owners through share ownership or as a beneficiary of a family trust. In becoming an owner of the business, each family member would th … Read more »

  • It’s My Time to Shine!August 15, 2017

    Transitioning a family business from one generation to another is a difficult undertaking that, at the best of times, creates a degree of uncertainty among the owners of the business, the managers and employees of the business and the family itself. The owners and operators of the business are bound … Read more »

  • He’s Just Not ReadyJuly 14, 2017

    Succession planning in the family business world is a daunting undertaking and, like other difficult initiatives, family business owners often elect to ignore the issue or procrastinate in having the required conversations. In 2014, Deloitte Canada published its Family Business Survey of 120 family- … Read more »

  • Fair vs EqualJune 15, 2017

    Last month, we discussed the need for every business family to have their Wills, Powers of Attorney and Succession Plans in place.  As a follow-up, this column addresses the need for business families to hold discussions to finalize retirement, estate and succession planning issues. When meeting wit … Read more »

  • What Does Your Will Say?May 17, 2017

    Here are two very important questions for all of you. The first important question:  “What would your family do tomorrow, if you unexpectedly died tomorrow?”  For most business families, there are only 3 responses: We don’t know. We don’t have anything in place. We have our Wills, Powers of Attorney … Read more »