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  • Podcast 003: Leslie Jordan – Your Fairy GodmoverMarch 11, 2018

    In this podcast episode, we talk to Leslie Jordan from Your Fairy Godmover. Lesley shares her experience working with clients helping them to ease the stress of moving by helping our clients to move and move forward as their lifestyle changes. Her website is In this … Read more »

  • How to Recognize Elder Abuse by a Power of AttorneyFebruary 11, 2018

    The thought of our parents getting older is often a scary thought because we still see them as we did as children – immortal and impenetrable. However, the reality, for many of us, is that as we get older and as our parents get older, the roles are almost reversed somewhat – in that, we […] The post … Read more »

  • Podcast 002: Mona Marcobelli – Financial AdvisorJanuary 14, 2018

    In this podcast episode, Maureen talks to Mona Macrobelli. Mona is a financial advisor who works with clients across southern Ontario. In this episode you’ll learn: why it’s so important to learn financial literacy why life insurance might be important to have in your situation or to meet your needs … Read more »

  • What Happens To Your Facebook Account When You Die [Facebook Legacy Contact]January 2, 2018

    Your digital “social” assets might be important to you and now Facebook has a way to help family and/or friends memorialize your account when you die. This process locks certain sections and activities on your account but continues to allow others to post on your profile. We’ve created a little tuto … Read more »

  • How To Properly Change Your WillDecember 8, 2017

    A will is not a document that has to be set in stone during your lifetime. The great thing about a will is that you can treat it as a living, breathing document in that you can make changes to it when appropriate. We understand that your life is not stagnant. You will get married, […] The post How T … Read more »