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  • S2E3. Keepin’ it Tight with Co-tenancy Clauses

    Karsten Lee and Robert Eisenberg discuss the application of co-tenancy clauses in lease agreements, touching on the issues raised in the insolvency cases of Target and Sears in Canada, and providing tips for ensuring your agreement is tight and enforceable. Read more »

  • S2E2. Distribution Centre Leases – Suited for You?

    Lisa Borsook and David Thompson dig deep into two types of distribution centre leases – build to suit and existing industrial premises. They discuss why these types of leases are not like the others, the essential things to think about when negotiating these types of leases and other issues that are … Read more »

  • S2E1. Deconstructing The Construction Act

    Caitlin Steven sits down with Faren Bogach and Krista Chaytor to chat about the recent substantial changes in the Construction Act. They cover the changes that impact tenant and leasehold improvement allowances; common lien issues; the introduction of prompt payment; and a new process called “adjudi … Read more »

  • S1E8. Office Sharing

    Lawyers Lisa Borsook and David Thompson discuss everything office sharing. Find out what is driving this global trend; the various kinds of office sharing arrangements and how all of this works in practical terms. Read more »

  • S1E7. Good Faith in Leasing Law

    Lawyers David Thompson and Karsten Lee set you on the right track with respect to the duty of good faith in commercial leasing. Read more »