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  • 8. Office Sharing

    Lawyers Lisa Borsook and David Thompson discuss everything office sharing. Find out what is driving this global trend; the various kinds of office sharing arrangements and how all of this works in practical terms. Read more »

  • 7. Good Faith in Leasing Law

    Lawyers David Thompson and Karsten Lee set you on the right track with respect to the duty of good faith in commercial leasing. Read more »

  • 6. Terminating Commercial Leases for Non-Rent Defaults

    Lawyers Krista Chaytor and Caitlin Steven discuss termination issues in the commercial leasing context. Understand your rights, obligations and risks when there’s a breach of a lease for something other than the payment of rent. Read more »

  • 5. Property Technology and Commercial Leasing

    Lawyers Lisa Borsook and David Thompson talk Prop Tech. In 2018, we saw an explosion of property technology. Find out what is driving this movement, from AI, to automated valuation models, to the “internet of things” and much more. Read more »

  • 4. Unattractive Properties

    Lawyers Karsten Lee and Robert Eisenberg talk “unattractive properties.” What exactly do we mean when we’re taking about unattractive properties? Tune in to find out! Read more »