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  • Bottom Lines Are Futile. Assimilate the Resistance PointAugust 20, 2018

    In this post I am going to discuss why you should forget a bottom line in your next negotiation and embrace the concept of a resistance point. In my post about ZOPA or the Zone of Potential Agreement, I explain the concept of a range where the parties are willing to settle. The boundary of […] The p … Read more »

  • Costing UncertaintyMay 10, 2018

    Costing Uncertainty This week’s blog is based on a discussion I had with my spouse recently while booking a vacation. It touches on an important negotiation principle: valuing or costing uncertainty. Most labour negotiations involve some degree of uncertainty. The future state of the economy, the pe … Read more »

  • 4 Easy Rules for Bargaining LateApril 16, 2018

    Years ago when I first got elected to a union bargaining team, I had images of bargaining late with night bargaining sessions and tense exchanges in the early morning hours. After nearly a decade chairing teams and negotiating agreements worth anywhere from a few million dollars to hundreds of milli … Read more »

  • Endowment Bias: I got it & I like itMarch 26, 2018

    Our friends at the Harvard Negotiation Project and authors of books like Getting to Yes would have you believe that negotiations is or ought to be a perfectly rational process. We know from our lived experience and countless pop psych books that people are not perfect rational actors. Cognitive bias … Read more »

  • Define ZOPA: Zone of Potential AgreementJanuary 22, 2018

    Define ZOPA One of the most popular articles on this blog is my article on the definition of BATNA. This week I thought I would cover another fundamental negotiation term and define ZOPA. ZOPA is an acronym that means zone of potential agreement. Put simply ZOPA is the range where the parties could … Read more »