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  • White House principles on AI governance

    The White House Office of Science and Technology policy has released draft regulatory principles  for the governance of AI. The memorandum proposes policy considerations to guide regulatory and non-regulatory oversight. Notably we also have a legislative definition of AI adopted from the John S. McC … Read more »

  • EU legislation on AI pending in 2020?

    Photo by Pixabay on I should like to get better information on this suggested introduction on laws regarding AI in early 2020. I searched around a bit but can’t really find anything. It suggests an ongoing tension between the EU and the United States’ positions on AI, but I’m not really s … Read more »

  • Indo-German cooperation on AI

    Previously I noted Indo-French Bi-lateral cooperation on AI. Well now we have an Indo-German statement of cooperation. This statement aims towards a 2020 workshop in Berlin between agencies of each government and states that they will focus on mutual best practices. Best practices, one assumes, coul … Read more »

  • Canadian AI standards, too!

    Photo by Andre Furtado on I have lamented the lack of Canadian AI regulation efforts. And for the past couple of posts I have referenced how the creation of standards in other jurisidictions made be an entrypoint in to regulation. And lo and behold, we have a set of Canadian AI standards  … Read more »

  • EU briefing on AI ethics implementation hints at new laws

    The Parliamentary Research Service of the EU has issued a briefing last month. I’ve written previously on the European Union recommendations for trustworthy Artificial Intelligence. This briefing starts to consider how to implement them. A few things are of note here. The first is the recognition th … Read more »