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  • Covid and its effect on demand loans.

    I wrote an article about Covid and its potential effect on demand loans at this link.   Photo by Alexander Mils on … Read more »

  • I wrote an article on interest capitalization.

    Nothing to do with AI, but here it is.

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  • Vatican Too

    Photo by Pixabay on A surprise contribution to views on AI comes from the Vatican. On February 28, Rome Call for AI Ethics was issued. The paper calls for AI to be developed with a focus on the “good of humanity and of the environment, of our common and shared home and of its human inhabi … Read more »

  • #93

    Photo by Suzy Hazelwood on So the Canadian Broadcasting and Telecommunications Legislative Review Panel issued a report called Canada’s Communications Future: Time to Act. I presume the time to act is now, and the things we need to act on are 97 recommendations according to the review. Nu … Read more »

  • White House principles on AI governance

    The White House Office of Science and Technology policy has released draft regulatory principles  for the governance of AI. The memorandum proposes policy considerations to guide regulatory and non-regulatory oversight. Notably we also have a legislative definition of AI adopted from the John S. McC … Read more »