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  • Family law: Psychologist apologizes for unfair opinion

    A psychologist has agreed that the report she gave in court regarding a visitation issue was one-sided. The psychologist, who is based on the west coast, was involved in a family law case in which a boy who also lives on the west coast with his mother, was set to visit his father in Alberta. The psy … Read more »

  • Family law: Some vaccination debates end up in court

    The┬ádecision to immunize or not to immunize children is creating issues in the judicial system. Family law in British Columbia always has the best interests of children in mind and recently, a B.C. judge ruled that two children should be immunized as per the provincial immunization schedule — much … Read more »

  • What to do with jointly-held real estate after a breakup

    Buying a home together is often an act that solidifies a relationship in a special way. You may feel that you are putting down roots or establishing a future with your partner. Legally, however, you are taking on the mutual obligation to pay a mortgage and the shared responsibility to maintain the p … Read more »

  • Children's issues: Chosen families in the LGBTQ realm

    Family means many things to many people these days and gone are the times when most all families consisted of mom, dad, kids, family dog and the station wagon. Even though diversity is acceptable today, some British Columbia residents who are part of the LGBTQ community still don’t get the support o … Read more »

  • Family law: Do therapists ever suggest divorce?

    Many couples who are having marital difficulties try therapy to sort out their issues. There are some tools under family law in Alberta that may help them, but when they have pretty much tried everything including therapy and nothing seems to be working, do therapists ever recommend divorce to end t … Read more »