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  • Google+ Is Shutting Down: What Does This Mean and Why Should You Care?

    We’ve previously blogged about the importance of having a Google+ account for your law firm, despite the fact that the platform never gained the traction of other popular online offerings such as Facebook or Twitter. The biggest benefit to having an active Google+ account were the SEO benefits and t … Read more »

  • Tapping Into Your Community To Discover Opportunity

    Understanding Your Community As a lawyer, it’s likely that you serve members of the community in which you work. Your community is your customer base, and like any business, it’s essential for you to understand your customer base in regards to its needs and demographics. There are a number of ways t … Read more »

  • White Hat SEO v. Black Hat SEO

    In the digital marketing world, there are different strategies that can be used for search engine optimization (SEO): black hat SEO and white hat SEO. Understanding the difference between them can help you better plan for your long-term SEO goals. Black Hat SEO Black hat SEO essentially involves “tr … Read more »

  • A Handy Guide to Google’s Algorithm Updates (2011-2018)

    As we’ve blogged about before, Google regularly and consistently makes changes to its ranking algorithm (and yes, uses a lot of animal names in doing so).   Since 2011, when the first such change was introduced, there has been at least nine major updates, affecting how websites are ranked, and there … Read more »

  • Establishing And Marketing Your Identity Outside Of Work

    Distinguishing yourself from other lawyers in a crowded marketplace can be a difficult exercise.  Every lawyer advertises themselves as experienced, trustworthy, and reliable – and of course, you are too! So what can you do to distinguish yourself in your marketing efforts? There are a number of thi … Read more »

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