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  • Pre-planning your funeral

    We are living in sad and strange times. Adding to that is the news (that you can read here) that, effective last week, families will now have one hour from time of death to choose a funeral home (three hours if the deceased was in a long-term care home). Choosing how someone is to be buried is not a … Read more »

  • We are still open (virtually)

    With all of the news flying around about the shutdown, we want to let everyone know that we are, effectively, fully virtual at this point and so can complete active real estate closings. Between zoom and wire services, we can get it done if you have a contract that you can’t extend. Please reach out … Read more »

  • COVID-19

    In light of current global and local events, Wall-Armstrong & Green will be focusing in on assisting our clients and helping our families and community. We will be back to share information on this blog when it is appropriate to do so. The post COVID-19 appeared first on Wall-Armstrong & Green Barri … Read more »

  • Dead celebrities still making a killing

    I can’t put it better than this. Enjoy! The post Dead celebrities still making a killing appeared first on Wall-Armstrong & Green Barristers, Solicitors and Notaries. … Read more »

  • Keeping things hidden

    Let’s say you are buying a house, but you are an extremely private person. Can you hide the price you paid for the house so that no one can find out? The short answer is, yes. If you truly do not want to show your purchase price, you can pay your Land Transfer Tax in advance and show the purchase pr … Read more »