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  • Should you rent or buy?

    A lawyer’s favourite answer: it depends. Because it really does. It depends on how frequently you move; any less than a few years in a house and you will likely lose money on closing costs alone. It depends on how stable your income is; if you frequently would have to borrow from a credit line to ma … Read more »

  • What happens if there is an error on the will?

    I recently helped a client get probate for her mother’s estate. The will had been done years earlier, and unknown to everyone involved, the pages were accidentally misnumbered to be missing one number – so while there were no pages missing, it appeared that page 5 was not there. Thankfully, we were … Read more »

  • Can you break your mortgage?

    Short and sweet this week. The answer: usually. Before you sign to refinance, check your existing mortgage – some banks only allow you to pay out your current mortgage if you are selling. It’s in the fine print, and they’ll hold you to it. The better question is, should you break your mortgage. The … Read more »

  • Do you have a right to see the will?

    Only if you’re named in it. If you think you might be a beneficiary, it can be helpful to have your own lawyer contact the executor to see if they would be willing to share the will with you, but ultimately, if you are not named in it, you have no legal right to see it. The post Do you have a right … Read more »

  • What should you have in writing when co-owing a house?

    If you are buying a house with someone who does not share their financial life with you, you will need to consider several extra points in addition to where and how much. The first question is how to take title [reference last post]; the second is how you run the day-to-day and the big questions of … Read more »