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  • Chapman-Fluker v Gustavson: Successfully opposed application on jury notices

    Mike Huot of KazLaw Injury Lawyers received an excellent judgment in Chapman-Fluker v Gustavson 2019 BCSC regarding a very contentious application by ICBC to extend the period for filing a jury notice. The Defendants relied on Rule 22-4 (2), which authorizes the court to extend or shorten any period … Read more »

  • Why Juries?

    In British Columbia, the parties to a civil case have a right to request that their case be decided by a jury of their peers. ICBC lawyers often prefer to have cases heard by a jury, believing that jurors will be biased against certain vulnerable groups: low-income earners, people with a history of … Read more »

  • What to Do in Case of a Cycling Collision

    In B.C., 670 cyclists are injured and six are killed in crashes involving motor vehicles from June to September every year. That means five B.C. cyclists injured each day in the summer. What should you do if you collide with a motor vehicle–or even another cyclist or pedestrian? Earlier this week, t … Read more »

  • Front Page News: KazLaw Expands

    Big news for KazLaw! We are pleased and excited to announce that we have a new Surrey office location! KazLaw has recently acquired Caissie and Company, a boutique personal injury firm which was built and led by Edmund Caissie, an amazing lawyer and long-time friend of our firm. Edmund has a great t … Read more »

  • KazLaw Mountain Biking Community Award – Vote Now!

    KazLaw is pleased to announce that voting is now open for the 2017 KazLaw Community Award, which sponsors a deserving rider to participate in the annual BC Bike Race. The Award is meant to recognize riders who make a difference to their cycling community in British Columbia. The winner of the award … Read more »