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  • Access-to-Justice, Legal Aid: Federal Election Perspective

    Yesterday, the Lawyer’s Daily published a call for the funding of Legal Aid to be a federal election issue. I am presently a candidate in the federal election, running for the Peop … Read more »

  • Mirror Mirror on the Wall: What the legal system's A2J work really looks like so far

    The access-to-justice industry has gotten big: I would venture a guess that the legal system jobs generated by the access-to-justice problem now number in the hundreds. By this I don’t mean just actual identifiable jobs, but overall FTEs (full time equivalents). A lot of other jobs have proliferated … Read more »

  • Mistrial in the Court of Public Opinion: the strange case of Robin Camp

    My latest writing about legal events, “Mistrial in the Court of Public Opinion: the strange case of Robin Camp,” has been published on The Lighthouse Project at have previously written about … Read more »

  • Why is there no lawyer for the kids and the parents?

    As I explain in my bio, my entry into the legal reform/access-to-justice arena was via a public law case concerning schools, and the competing interests at war within them. I spent some 20 years investigating power dynamics in public schooling, in real time and historically, and continue to watch th … Read more »

  • Banned from Slaw: Response to The Legal Council of Elrond

    A recent post on by law system consultant and chronicler Jordan Furlong has generated a conversation that brings out many meritorious points about legal system reform. I am really happy both at the nature of the comments that have been made, and that the site moderator has decided to post th … Read more »