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  • Legal rock star hits a sour note

    Leonid Sirota has painted himself into a corner.This happened to Sirota when he broke the rule that experts should not stray outside their area of expertise without realizing that they have crossed a boundary, outside of which they need to ramp down their belief in their own superiority.I refer to h … Read more »

  • Transitioning 500 foster kids can't possibly be right

    Yesterday, I posted about my participation in a court case in which a series of trusted occupations – school counsellors and teachers, psychologists, endocrinologists, and lawyers – had joined forces to oust a concerned father from his legal duty to protect his child from a conspiracy to lure the ch … Read more »

  • Ex turpi causa non oritur actio

    (lightly edited February 20th, 5 pm)Laura Lynn Tyler Thompson is being persecuted for allegedly violating court orders that seek to keep a hermetic seal on information about an explosive BC case about a transgender child legally emancipating herself from her father in order to take cross-sex hormone … Read more »

  • Access-to-Justice, Legal Aid: Federal Election Perspective

    Yesterday, the Lawyer’s Daily published a call for the funding of Legal Aid to be a federal election issue. I am presently a candidate in the federal election, running for the Peop … Read more »

  • Mirror Mirror on the Wall: What the legal system's A2J work really looks like so far

    The access-to-justice industry has gotten big: I would venture a guess that the legal system jobs generated by the access-to-justice problem now number in the hundreds. By this I don’t mean just actual identifiable jobs, but overall FTEs (full time equivalents). A lot of other jobs have proliferated … Read more »