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  • Law students helping access to justice in BCFebruary 21, 2017

    This post is intended as a piece of free publicity for the Law Students’ Legal Advice Program.  This program is run through the University of British Columbia’s law school.  Law students provide free advice to low income individuals on a variety of matters.  They can represent the individuals in pro … Read more »

  • An article about sexual harassment and (ever-so-tangentially) Donald TrumpOctober 15, 2016

    Ok, I am sorry, I am truly truly sorry, but I am going to mention Donald Trump ever so briefly.  I swear that this blog post will relate to Canadian affairs, though I wish my no-‘u’ neighbors to the south all the best with their own matters.Mr. Trump, via his off colour comments, has blown new life … Read more »

  • Lessons Learned from Tom Brady's CaseApril 26, 2016

    “With all due respect, Mr. Brady’s explanation of that made no sense whatsoever” (I get to some legal stuff, trust me; not till the end though).The above comment was rendered by the majority of an appellate court panel in a decision issued today. In my second blog post this last week to make such an … Read more »

  • An ounce of prevention – the value of workplace investigationsApril 20, 2016

    “Losing $100,000 a month is not good management.”  This might be so, but as with all aspects of my job, context is required to assess this comment. Here, I take issue with the word “losing.”The quote is from an article published in the Edmonton Sun, and is ascribed to Tim Reid, CEO of a company call … Read more »

  • Liberals address public grievance with severance payJanuary 11, 2016

    It seems as though after any given election, at every level of government, Canadians bring a rash of complaints about severance payments made to ousted officials. Here is an article about a plan to change that.The Trudeau Liberals have introduced two new Bills with the proposed effect of eliminating … Read more »