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  • Starbucks does something really good. Too bad it was motivated by something really badApril 18, 2018

    Watch the video. The Globe and Mail reports that two black men were taken out of a Starbucks by police officers despite the fact that they were doing nothing wrong. This was initiated by a call to police from the manager. The manager was fired, and rightly so. To recap, the year is 2018 and the venu … Read more »

  • BC Health Authority mismanagement of long term strategyJanuary 23, 2018

    In this article the Vancouver Sun identifies a looming problem. Specifically our province seems to face an imminent physician shortage. I suspect the reader would agree that they have not recently had an experience which suggests that we currently have enough physicians, or that their services are a … Read more »

  • Saskatchewan's most-ironic approach to "saving money"December 5, 2017

    Previously I have written articles criticizing those who express outrage when the government honours its contractual severance obligations. Such opinions can be found here and here, for example. My view remains as it is set out in those prior posts. This is different. Today’s article in the Saskatoo … Read more »

  • NFL Gender Gap – A DisgraceOctober 17, 2017

    The National Football League gives me such a robust body of material about which to write, as an employment lawyer, that it is kind of breathtaking. Or maybe I am just a little bit obsessed. Either way. Cam Newton recently, and unfortunately, scoffed at a reporter (who happened to be female, which I … Read more »

  • Harvey Weinstein – Let's Call it Like it isOctober 16, 2017

    The New York Times broke a story about Harvey Weinstein and his decades of sexual misconduct at work.Here is what Forbes had to say about the scandal.The Weinstein company board released a statement Sunday, which read in part:”In light of new information about misconduct by Harvey Weinstein that has … Read more »