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  • We, the jury.

    In the midst of the Covid-19 emergency, the courts have ground to a standstill. Civil jury trials, in particular, have been suspended indefinitely. This week, in Higashi v. Chariot, an Ontario Superior Court judge issued an order stating a civil action arising from a serious automobile accident shou … Read more »

  • The Ethics of Getting It So Wrong

    In most professions, excessive caution in giving a range out outcomes can be as wrong as a lack of it. In medicine, telling a patient about a remote cancer diagnosis without adequate data could be considered negligence if the patient suffers nervous shock. In law, a lawyer who causes a real estate c … Read more »

  • Collateral Disclosure Strategies in Ontario MVA Litigation: SABS, PIPEDA and the RHPA

    What if the Ontario auto accident benefits regulation, the federal privacy commercial legislation and the regulatory oversight of health professionals walked up to a Bar?  In Vol. 50, no. 2 of The Advocates’ Quarterly (2019), you can read my article to find the answer.  For a pdf of the article (pos … Read more »

  • Moving on from LSO’s abandonment of #EDI: The Case for Affirmative Action in Canadian Law

    2019 © Riichiro Akazaki After a week in which the Law Society of Ontario moved to repeal a requirement that lawyers and paralegals make an annual private pledge to promote equality, diversity and inclusion (“EDI”), the Bar must now reflect on the root cause of this public policy failure: Asking a pr … Read more »

  • The Ethics of Lawyers Recording Conversations

    Canadians’ interest in legal ethics continues to remain very high.  What, then, 2019 (c) Riichiro Akazaki are the ethics of a lawyer’s secret recording of a telephone call with a client, including the employees of a client? Rule 7.2-3 of the Ontario Rules of Professional Conduct provides: 7.2-3 A la … Read more »