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  • Can a society “fine” its members? 2019 BCCRT 830: Tam v. Owners Association et al

    When a Society may properly fine its members was raised before the Civil Resolution Tribunal, in the context of a rental pool arrangement and compulsory society membership in Whistler, BC. The case is Tam v. Evolution Owners’ Association et al, 2019 BCCRT 830 (CanLII). Forum: BC Civil Resolution Tri … Read more »

  • BC seeks public input into Societies, Corporations, Cooperatives legislation

    The BC Government is seeking input into proposed amendments for certain corporate legislation, with a deadline of August 23, 2019 for feedback. More information is available directly from the BC Government here. Photo by Siomonn Pulla under a Creative Commons license. No changes were made to this im … Read more »

  • Societies Act White Paper: Online Mirror

    The Ministry of Finance has removed the 2014 Societies Act White Paper from its website. A mirrored copy of the paper, which includes an early draft of the legislation and drafters’ rationale, is available here. The 2014 white paper is useful for societies and lawyers looking to make sense of some o … Read more »

  • Fraud sentence affirmed: R v. Dunkers, 2018 BCCA 363

    Convicted fraudster Anita Dunkers has had her 2014 five year imprisonment and restitution sentence affirmed by the BC Court of Appeal. Ms. Dunkers was central to the fraud that brought down the Capital Families Association (“CFA”), a society and registered charity, leaving a gap in the social servic … Read more »

  • Drop dead transition date: November 28, 2018

    All BC societies should complete a bare minimum transition by November 28, 2018 or risk being struck from the register. A bare-bones transition is detailed here, here, and here. If you want to transition as a member-funded society, you must have a special resolution of the members to do so. If you d … Read more »