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  • Can you draft your members out of an “oppression” remedy?February 21, 2018

    Under the new Societies Act, members may bring a claim against a society for unfairly prejudicial or oppressive conduct on the part of the society, its directors, or its members. I’ve often been asked whether you can contract out of this right by having members waive it in advance or in restricting … Read more »

  • Registering a trademark in CanadaFebruary 21, 2018

    Societies have significant goodwill tied up in their names, brands, and initiatives. Many take the step of registering a trademark to ensure their unique brand remains their own. Others obtain certification marks, in an effort to provide some oversight to certain industries. This post provides an ov … Read more »

  • Protecting aboriginal intellectual propertyFebruary 21, 2018

    Many aboriginal groups and artists have traditional marks, designs, patterns or otherwise which they use in association with their cultural heritage or with goods or services. Canadian intellectual property laws are broad enough to provide protection to many of these. This post sets out a high-level … Read more »

  • Case Comment: George v BC Wildlife FederationFebruary 20, 2018

    The BC Supreme Court has clarified when a suspension of a society’s director is not a removal, and provided an example of when director discipline may occur without the court’s intervention under the provisions of the Society Act, R.S.B.C 1996, c. 433 (the “Act”).   In George v. The B.C. Wildlife Fe … Read more »

  • 2017: A year of great Societies Act casesFebruary 19, 2018

    Societies Act lawyers often rely only on the statutory language. It is useful to regularly consult recent court cases to determine if BC judges have considered the modernized act and either incorporated prior leading case law or common-law principles into the jurisprudence. A list of three cases fro … Read more »