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  • Time served in stabbing death

    After stabbing her husband with a steak knife during a heated argument, Tara Lynn Koiter applied first aid and called for help. “She didn’t appreciate the harm that was done,” Koiter’s lawyer, Sandee Smordin, told Ontario Court Justice Stephen Glithero. … Read more › The post Time served in stabbing … Read more »

  • R. v. Jordan – How much delay is too much delay?

    RIPPLE EFFECTS OF SUPREME COURT’s DECISION IN R. v. JORDAN (2016) Supreme Court of Canada may not envisioned the future effects of it’s decision in R. v. Jordan when it held that trials in Provincial Courts should be held within 18 months, … Read more › The post R. v. Jordan – How much delay is too … Read more »

  • Warrantless Entry and Exigent Circumstances

    What is Warrantless Entry and Exigent Circumstances? A man’s home is his castle. Therefore, a person’s house is afforded much more protection of privacy than, for example, a person’s motor vehicle being driven on a public highway. … Read more › The post Warrantless Entry and Exigent Circumstances ap … Read more »

  • Tactical Gloves – Just Gloves or Dangerous Weapons?

    Hard Knuckle – tactical gloves, such as the one pictured above, are available in many different styles online or in-store. However, there has been minimal discussion about whether such tacticalgloves are considered or should be considered weapons. … Read more › The post Tactical Gloves – Just Gloves … Read more »

  • Does Hamilton need a supervised drug injection facility?

    Hamilton and Vancouver are two colonial cities that have historically existed since 1800’s. What else is common between the two? The heroin and fentanyl epidemic that has consumed both Vancouver and Hamilton. Access to a safe and supervised drug injection site is a reality of those struggling with O … Read more »